Kim Kardashian & Kanye West “Babymoon” In Paris

Expecting reality star Kim Kardashian was photographed shopping with her partner Kanye West in Paris, France on Tuesday (January 8). The pair shopped at the celeb-beloved, high-end Lanvin and Celine stores before dining at L’Avenue restaurant.

According to a source, the 32-year reality television star and her rapper boyfriend were enjoying the City of Lights “for a week just to chill.”

“It’s a little babymoon!” the source tells Us Weekly.

It looks like the couple will soon have a luxurious mansion to bring their baby home to.

According to Us Weekly, Kim and Kanye recently purchased an $11 million mansion in a gated community in Bel Air, Calif.

TMZ reports that the couple will tear down the property’s current 10,000-square-foot house to make way for a 14,000 square-foot Italian-style villa with a gym, movie theater, salon, bowling alley and other amenities.

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  • Rina

    I love them together.

  • Anonymous

    These two low lifes are going to be followed around forever. How sickening are they?

  • Sarah

    Even though Kim is annoying and wants everything to be about her, I think she’s going to be a really good mommy! Best of luck Kim and Kanye!

  • Katriel

    I bet they think the term “fiscal cliff” is a night club.

    • Anonymous

      I bet 75% of the people that voted in the last election don’t know what the term “fiscal cliff” means.

  • Jessica V

    I am sick of this pregnancy already! At first I was like good for them, but now seeing them daily on the website – and she doesn’t even have a baby bumo yet! can we limit the Kim Kardashian poststo maybe 3 times a week? She gets photographed everywhere as she invites the paps, but just because she wants to be photographed and filmed every moment, doesn’t mean we want to see it, every singe day.

  • musiclover

    I am sorry, but I find both of them to be annoying. He seems so full of himself, and she just seems to care about being famous. Not to say they won’t be good parents, but I would bet my last dollar they won’t last as a couple.

  • KAS

    Could they at least hold each other’s hand or show that they are slightly in love..ish?

  • Anie

    They´re gonna be like the perfect couple all these months and some after the baby is born, then the break up will come. Oh no wait, she has to lose weight first to have the so overrated rag headline ´how i got my body back.´ Then the break will come, and what went wrong, and the usual bla bla bla. Then custody battle, etc etc. They already have their lives set in a multi million dollar business with that baby.

    • Elizabeth

      She probably will still be married when that happens!

  • LaKesha

    Annoyed by the “she’s married” comments. She was married for less than 50 days, and has been trying to legally end it every since. We all know that she regretted the marriage about as soon as it happened, so why wouldn’t she be moving on with her life?

    • NYCMommy

      I dont think she regretted the wedding just the marriage. After all didnt the family MAKE MILLIONS from the wedding?????

      • LaKesha

        Her mother has confirmed that Kim didn’t make “5 cents.”

        • NYCMommy

          Thanks for clearing that up because we all know how honest KRIS JENNER is…. not.

  • A. Smyth


  • Holly

    “babymoon” in Paris? Please, a trip to Paris is an bimonthly, normal occurence for these two.

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