Courteney Cox: I De-Stress With Coco

Cougar Town star Courteney Cox, 48, graces the latest cover of New You and opens up about the pressures of staying young and beautiful in Hollywood, and her 8-year-old daughter Coco.

On how she de-stresses: “Saturdays de-stress me a lot. I kind of have a routine that I love. In the morning, I hang out with Coco, and this chef comes and makes the most amazing food. After that, I get a massage and my nails done. Sundays are great too, I play tennis and then I always have people over. It’s been this way for about 15, 20 years. But sometimes it can be stressful because I’ve either over invited or I didn’t invite enough, or I have too much food or I forgot who doesn’t like who. I’m kind of a people pleaser and I want everyone to get along.”

On the pressures of being beautiful in Hollywood: “There’s so many beautiful people and there’s so much pressure you put on yourself but David [Arquette] has always said to me, you’ve got to accept we’re all gonna age and just do it gracefully. And the sooner you accept, the easier your life is.”

On her favorite red carpet moment: “My favorite red carpet moment that I’ve ever had was when I was nominated for a Golden Globe. I was wearing a really tight and beautiful Victoria Beckham dress. Genevieve did my makeup and Chris Mcmillan did my hair. But it literally was one of those days where Chris goes okay, I’m going to Jen’s house, I’ll be back. He literally came and just put in two clips and that was it- gorgeous. I was also Tracy Anderson methoded out. I remember it was raining, and David was really sweet, he was holding an umbrella for me. That was a good time.”

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  1. Jessica

    Wow I think she could have said her and coco enjoy a wonderful big meal instead of bragging about having a cook come to her house every Saturday. (And I’m sure more days). I took it as a brag anyway.

  2. musiclover

    It wasn’t just the chef coming over comment but the following it with talking about the massage and getting her nails done and having 15-20 people over every week. If she wasn’t bragging, then she is obviously out of touch with what life is like for most of us.

  3. Annika

    I loved her honesty! We all know that these people have a very different life from most of us, I loved reading what she does at her weekends. I didn’t feel she was bragging or anything.

  4. cosmic

    Wow, how is she bragging? because she`s describing how her life is during the weekends? just because most of us can´t do the same doesn´t mean she´s bragging, she is just being honest, lighten up people! wouldn´t we love to be able to do the same? good for her!!!

  5. KitKat

    I really like her, but after seeing an episode of The Ellen Show with her recently, I feel like she’s really not aging gracefully 🙁 Botox and what not….

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