Jillian Michaels: My Son Pukes A Lot

Jillian Michaels recently said her 8-month-old son Phoenix throws up a lot.

The Biggest Loser celebrity trainer exclaimed to US Weekly, “Oh my God, the puking! I did not anticipate how much a child under 1 [year old] throws up! Every day. Every day! I just look at him, [like], ‘Phoenix, honey, when do you stop puking?’ I’m told it’s after a year. But there isn’t a day that I don’t get projectile vomited on.”

Jillian – who also has 2-year-old Lukensia –  shared a story of when Phoenix’s diaper exploded on the wall of the physical therapist’s office.

“I just died inside that day! He was like, ‘It’s okay, I have two kids.’ [But] we’ve never gone back.”

She added, “I have this vision of doing parkour (obstacle course-style exercise) with my son one day. I’ll tell him, ‘We’re gonna do Brazilian Jujitsu together, we’re going to do parkour together!’ And he’ll be like, ‘Mom, I want to take ballet!'”


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  • Ano

    She’s annoying.

  • Ruth Steiner

    This woman is an idiot. If there is that much projectile vomiting the baby may be getting dehydrated. It is NOT normal. Take it to a doctor.
    I don’t like her, her approach, or anything about her professional career, and now I know I don’t like her as a mother. Again, the woman is an idiot. Just because your face is all over does not make you intelligent.

    • mimi

      My daughter had severe acid reflux for the first year of her life. I didn’t take her to the doctor every single day, and I am NOT an idiot. It’s a medical condition and it gets better as they get older. Gravity (when they learn to walk, etc) also helps. My daughter has ALWAYS weighed a healthy amount for her age, never been overweight and definitely never been underweight. She has also NEVER been dehydrated.

      One thing about babies spitting up that people don’t seem to get is that it always LOOKS like A LOT more than it actually is. Take an ounce of water and spill it across a table. It makes more of a mess than you most people would expect. It’s the same thing when a baby spits up.

      • NYCMommy

        Mimi- I agree with your comments. I just think it sound weird to call it puking when it is a baby. we always called it spitting up as you did in your comment. Puking sounds so harsh and makes it seems like it may not be normal even though it is. 🙂

    • Ruth Steiner is an Idiot

      Wow. Way to judge!

    • Ellen

      Had a child with projectile vomiting her entire first year. She was very healthy otherwise. Each trip to the Dr. resulted in same diagnosis “she’ll be fine”. And she was. Although she does have GERD as an adult.

  • Jennifer K

    What do you expect, the poor kid has you as a mother.

  • T

    ya bc he looks dehydrated from that pic eye roll and calling someone an idiot—what a joke……he looks fine, babies have reflux. Sometimes it looks a lot more than it is…I love jillian. She is one of my favorite people.

  • Anonymous

    Feed him slower.

  • DJ.

    I would take the baby to the doctor. It sounds miserable for the baby… perhaps they could put him on a medication or something. Poor little guy.

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