Mario Balotelli & Raffaela Fico Welcome Baby No. 1: Pia

It looks like congrats are in order for Mario Barotelli and Raffaela Fico.

The 22-year-old Italian footballer and his 24-year-old ex-girlfriend welcomed daughter Pia in Naples, Italy on Thursday (December 6). The new addition weighed 8lb & 4oz.

In a recent interview in Chi magazine, the model mama revealed that her ex “is absolutely irresponsible, unconcerned about the fate of his little daughter.”

“He has not given a penny, not even a phone call to see if she needs anything,” Raffaela reports. “Mario is irresponsible. At some point he lost interest in me and our daughter. We were getting married, that was our project, our will … but it all fell apart and I do not know why.”

The couple were an item for almost a year but split up in March after she flew to Manchester to confront him over a series of alleged affairs – the bust up was so furious that police had to be called to his Cheshire home.

In June – during the European Championships – Raffaella reportedly contacted Mario to tell him she was pregnant with their child but he demanded a DNA test.

“Even if he doesn’t ask for it anymore, I will do a paternity test to show the world that Pia is the daughter of Mario Balotelli,” she says. “I will go on without him and his money.”

“The door remains open for my daughter, but my heart’s door is closed forever.”

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Photo credit: Chi magazine


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Her name is Raffaella, with double L.


Really??!! And ur point is??


I’m italian and I so didn’t need it to see this here..


Then go elsewhere!! Jeepers.. U ok upstairs?


Thats men for you! Its funny when they stop loving you they stop loving their child from that person too. Rafella is an idiot to think Mario would just be with her and no one else ffs he is a footballer and is going to sleep around.

king jamjam

He is black even think it not his baby her andlook him they don’t look a like at all