13 Photos That Show Kim Kardashian Is Ready For Motherhood

by Lisa Horten

While she may best be known for her time on reality shows and the red carpet, Kim Kardashian’s recent announcement that she’s expecting a baby with boyfriend Kanye West means that we’re likely to see a softer side of Ms. Kardashian in the coming months. In looking back at pics taken over the past couple years with nephew Mason and her friends’ kids, we can envision the entrepreneurial reality star embracing the role of mom with ease. Check out 13 of Kim’s sweetest pics with Mason and more at LilSugar.com!

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Photo credit: LilSugar.com


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  1. Joanne

    This doesn’t show anything… She’s so egocentric. I doubt she can love someone more than herself.

  2. Jessica

    It’s easy being an aunt when you don’t have the child all the time or the big reaponsibility of raising one. She will I’m sure have a huge team of nannies so she doesn’t have to lift a finger and she gets to be the “aunt” to her own baby. She’ll be available to her baby when she wants but I highly doubt all the time.

  3. Chloe

    This doesn’t prove anything. I’m sure she will be a terrible mom. She only loves herself.

  4. annie

    Seriously? what the hell is going on with this website? Does Kim pay you guys to post this crap?
    Did you ever post 13 photos of Jessica Simpson out with Bronx to show she was ready for motherhood, when she first got pregnant? Or of Beyonce out and about with her nephew? Or ANY other actual celebrity for that matter? Maybe some celebs who have actually accomplished something besides making a sextape? Yeah, didn’t think so..

    This is just beyond ridiculous.

  5. Anonymous

    Kissing her nephew on the cheek proves she’s ready to be a mom? Okaaay.

  6. Amélie

    I’ve taken care of lots of kids, and have pictures with lots of them. This still doesn’t mean I’m ready to have kids of my own.

  7. Meliss

    Again, I don’t dislike her but what the hell with this article? Didn’t Kourtney pick Khloe to be her kids’ guardian in the event of her death?

  8. Rosy

    I’ll admit, I’m not Kim’s biggest fan. I think she’s quite conceited and an attention seeker. But from some pics I’ve seen of her with her nephew, she does seem to care for him very deeply. I think she’ll be a great mother, it’ll just be a bit of an adjustment with everything not being about her anymore.

  9. v

    she might not neglect her child, but what about that poor babies intellectual health? have you ever read a Kanye tweet? ever heard anything not completely vapid come out of that woman’s empty head? I can’t even imagine what kind of craziness these two will give birth to. ::shudder::

  10. Katia

    Remember the episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”where Kourtney chose Khloe to be the one to take care of her kids if she and Scott died,Kim was pissed saying she spent more time with Mason than Khloe does and Kourtney answered ÿeah you just like taking pictures with him and tweeting them but atleast with Khloe i know he will be well taken care of and have a family meal every evening”lolll .

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