Farrah Abraham: “Do The Right Thing & Tweeze No Matter What Age”

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham caused quite a controversy after she blogged about wanting to wax her 3-year-old daughter Sophia‘s eyebrows.

Despite recent criticism, the MTV star stands by her decision, claiming that she was “helping” her daughter’s appearance.

“People just kept commenting on a unibrow,” the 20-yer-old mother explains to Good Morning America. “I was like, ‘maybe I am letting it go too far.'”

In the blog, Farrah shared her that daughter “freaked out” when she put a dab of wax on her eyebrows. As a result, Farrah decided to use tweezers to pluck Sophia’s eyebrows while she was asleep.

The reality television star has been criticized for being too obsessed with her appearance.

After undergoing a breast augmentation in 2011, Farrah received a $16,000 rhinoplasty and chin implant in October.

“Cosmetic surgeries to me, are something that is way different from plucking your eyebrows,” she explains to ABC News.

Although ABC News reported that dermatologists recommend that plucking only begins after age 7 or 8 years of age, Farrah is happy with her decision.

“If I can help my daughter in a little way by just plucking a few hairs . . . I think I did something right,” she comments.

The young mom further defended her action via Twitter.

“Unibrows are not sacred! Do the right thing tweeze no matter what age,” she wrote Tuesday.

The following day she added, “Sophia’s beautiful with unibrow or without! Point is take care of your child’s hygiene.”

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  1. Anonymous

    There’s nothing wrong with what she did. Unibrows are looked upon very unfavorably. Good for the mom and glad she knows she did the right thing, ie. – avoiding her child developing a complex because of negative comments and ridicule from older children and stares from adults she would have received.

  2. Andrea

    What the heck has a unibrow got to do with hygiene???? I think it was a very ridiculous thing to do to such a young child. It’s not un-hygienic its not hurting her. Why not wait until she is older and the threat of reading may take place rather than do it because you are offended by what people say. I can’t believe anyone would condone this. She seems more caught up in what people think and get own vanity than to let her little girl be just that. How the heck she didn’t wake her plucking her and scare the poor girl I will never know.

  3. NYCMommy

    In my opinion she should wait until the child is older. Waxing it now will just make it grow in heavier. Waxing is also very painful and could cause redness of skin,irritations, red bumps formed around your eyes, blood patches and could even lead to abscesses and infections.

    Why put your THREE YEAR OLD through that?

  4. HDP

    I don’t even know where I stand on this – part of me says don’t teach kids that they need to change anything about themself – and then another part says well unibrows really can make a gorgeous child look strange, so really – I don’t know.
    When it comes down to it – i don’t think it makes her a bad mom, but it’s not necessarily a good move.

  5. Lizzie

    Ya, she really shouldn’t have told the public about this. I think waxing was a bad idea. But if the tweezing didn’t hurt, like she said, then I don’t think it matters at all. If it didn’t hurt her then there is no big deal. And I agree with the person that brought up piercing a baby’s ears. That is pretty mean and really painful. But either way ,Farrah seems really dumb.

  6. Bloopie

    No I think she is just ashamed of how her child looks. I mean it’s prety obvious. Her child is average looking (WHICH IS FINE, IT’S NOT ALWAYS MEANT AS A BAD THING) and she probably thinks the unibrown ruins it for her.

  7. lu

    in hispanic countries, brazil, and a lot of european countries, pierce the girls ears when are babies, at the maternity hospital.its a normal thing to do, some people dont do that but its normal.
    my daughter is seven, she uses earrings since she was born, of course, i dnt twezze or shave her…but in the case of unibrow, i think she could shave only the unibrow, and not waxing and design all the brow ’cause she is a little girl.
    anyway….a lot of hollywood stars shave the hairs of her babies, use colours on the hair. tints, and pierce the boys ears …. i think that we ve to be more responsables…this girl “farrah” looks dumb but all the criticism,,,is worst… the baby girl looks happy and healthy

  8. kamila

    I remember Lourdes (Madonna’s daughter) had a really dark unibrow for years. YEARS. The press maybe made a few comments here and there but in general, I don’t recall any nastiness in the media/public towards Lourdes over it and Madonna clearly did not pluck that child’s eyebrows! If I recall, Lourdes was in her pre-teens when she finally “appeared” in pictures without the unibrow. So it seemed like the decision to wax/pluck was made by Lourdes when she was older. If MADONNA didn’t feel the need to pluck her daughter’s eyebrows, I’m pretty sure this idiot girl Farrah didn’t need to go there. Just a thought.

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