Jay-Z Posts Photo Of Blue In The Bahamas

After celebrating her first birthday on January 7th, Blue Ivy Carter kicked off her second year in style, joining her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z on a family getaway to the Bahamas.

The music mogul – and doting daddy – shared this shot from the trip on his web site today, writing, “Last day of vacation, playing UNO.”

Blue’s mom has been making headlines this week, having been named the “Sexiest Woman of the Century” by GQ magazine.

She also announced some news that will be sure to please fans today, taking to her own Web site to share, “I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny’s Child music in eight years! – Beyonce.”

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Photo credit: lifeandtimes.com

  • arabella

    seriously what’s the point of showing pictures of blue. when its really dark and blurry.or the back of her head.it’s really dumb and pointless.

    • Charlotte

      Maybe they think that increases our curiosity on the child. Which is absolutely ridiculous, as they are. Just attention seekers.

      • Anonymous

        But it works! Look how much attention this photo has gotten.

    • cb

      it makes them feel special to ‘hide’ their baby. they are totally weird about everything, so this is not surprising.

  • Ano

    What a stupid picture!

  • mary

    does the child have some disabilities that they are hiding from us,its so unfair,we still love her

  • Zar55

    IT’s not stupid, they probably want hide her face as long as they can and there’s nothing wrong with that, it is certanly better to post picture like this then showing your kids faces all over internet like some celebs do!!!!!!!!!!
    The rest of the life of Blue Ivy will probably be public so is better they try to hide and keep her out, while she’s baby.
    They are probably aware that if they start to show her face she will be put on covers of every magazine like Suri &co. and with picures like that one, no one can do that 😀 GO Carters 🙂

    • Em

      No, it really is stupid. If they don’t want anyone to see her face then don’t post pictures at all. The people that they want to see her i.e. close family and friends have probably already seen her in the flesh so, really, who are these pictures for? What is the bloody point? Go away Jay-Z and Bey.

    • Tula

      With pictures like this one, no one can see anything at all, so what’s the point? Why not be like the truly private stars who don’t post pictures of their children to the world?

    • Jen

      I agree. These types of pictures just make the curiosity to see her face annoying for fans. Either keep her totally private or just let the world see her face already.

    • Anie

      Im sorry but i don´t agree with you. What they´re doing is a very ridiculous behaviour. If they REALLY want to keep her so private from the public eye, they could simply NOT show any pictures of her AT ALL. This is stupid, childish, like playing a game with people, ´hey here´s a pic of my child for all of you to see, but nope, you can´t see her!¨

      Can´t get any stupider than that, sorry.

  • Bink

    Tired of the shadow baby. I’m sure she ‘s cute and deserves her privacy, but
    I’d rather just see pics of the house, yacht and nursery.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s safe for them to show her face. With the crowds they probably run with, who knows what someone might try to do.

  • Jessica

    When they show pics like this it feels like they are ashamed of what she looks like or something. I’m sure she’s beautiful but doing pics like this just makes it feel that way. Either don’t post any pics that have to do with her or show her face at least a few pics. Honestly if they don’t want to show her face that’s completely fine just stop with the creepy pics that don’t show her face then!

    • Tula

      In the one picture they did post of her face she looked just like Jay-Z, and a lot of people commented on how unfortunate that is, so maybe that’s why?
      I think it’s stupid too, it’s like they think the world is as obsessed with them as they are with themselves.

  • arabella

    If they wants to keep blue life private.then don’t post her blurry pictures on the internet.

    • sheyla


      • Millie

        Why are you yelling? Forgot your meds today?
        No one cares about Blue or her face, if you would read, what everyone thinks is crazy is htat they keep posting shadows of her over and over.
        What everyone wants is for this weird family to just go away. It’s ok if they don’t want to show Blue’s face, but stop the creepy photos.

        • Anonymous

          Doesn’t matter what everyone thinks, it matters that everyone is talking about them… again.

          Mission accomplished, wouldn’t you say?

      • Bloopie

        No one gives a crap about this baby’s face. No offence to the parents, but they’re frustrating with this “Omg yes here is a picture every month but no, you can’t her face that’s too much.”

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Em. It’s ridiculous to do this as if they are “teasing” the public. Either show all of her or don’t show anything. They posted this picture on purpose and if she looks anything like Jay Z, which I think she does, who wants to see what she looks like. 2 immature idiots.

  • arabella

    If beyonce and jay z wants to keep their baby life as Private .Then do what Adriana Lima do keep her out the lime light and post a couple clear face shot.

    • sheyla


      • Eve

        Really??? This is what you consider a clear face shot? Get your eyes checked sweetie.

  • WTH??

    Seriously?!? Jay-Z & Beyonce need to get over themselves and stop with the ridiculous photos already!

  • Elaine


  • DanSy

    I like the pic it has mystery in it.. I’m a photographer, maybe that’s why….

    • WTF

      Maybe they poste mostly normal pictures and then every once in a while posted one like this, in an artsy-photographer way.
      But since every single picture they post is a creepy shadow, it’s not interesting.
      Maybe she’s been disfigured.

      • sheyla


        • Eve

          I don’t know what picture you saw, but the one I saw of her she looked just like her daddy, and we can all agree there’s nothing gorgeous about him.

          • LaKesha

            I saw the picture, she was absolutely gorgeous.

        • WTF

          ONE clear picture does not make up for 10 creepy ones.
          ZERO would be better.
          They are just attention whores- don’t worry about keeping the publics attention guys, just enjoy your baby.

        • Ellen

          Stop yelling. Turn off your caps. Where ever that clear camera shot is, apparently no one else has seen it. So “clearly” whether she is gorgeous or not we don’t know. Pictures like this are really silly. If they don’t want her seen, then they really should spare themselves the trouble of these dark shots.

        • sheyla

          The clear picture is on this site. archive it if you can..other sites have it too.

  • Lesley

    hahahahaha. ok now it’s just becoming HILARIOUS. Stop it! Don’t bother posting pics Jay Z and Beyonce!

    It’s so predictable and humorous to me now.

  • Anon

    I upped the exposure in photoshop to see what detail was left in the picture, and it appears they actually blurred out the face with a blur tool in photoshop for the case that someone may have tried to lighten it to see how she looks. weird.

    • Eve

      That’s so strange…..I wonder what they’re thinking. I guess famous people can be freaks too.

      • Anonymous

        They make enemies with gangsters and thugs. No wonder they don’t want her face seen.

        • Dana

          If they are so concerned about privacy then why tell everyone where they are and what they are doing all the time?

    • Gemi

      I didn’t believe you, but brightened the picture and zoomed in, and I’m not 100% but it defiantly looks like the pictures been hampered with, the pixels around her face are in an odd configuration.

    • sheyla

      See…You ppl are clearly too darn Beat for this baby’s face! This kid is the MOST notorious attention dodging celeb. Really? Why are you lighting and all that..just wait patiently…damn!

  • musiclover

    I agree with several other posters….if they want to keep her out of the public eye, then just don’t post pics of her at all. I seriously think there is something wrong with the baby. In some pics of the back of her head, something just doesn’t look quite right. Anyway, I know it IS their business…it just seems strange…

  • Rosy

    The way they go about posting pictures of their child, she may as well have a horribly disfigured face that they’re ashamed of. If you don’t want people to see her properly, why bother posting pictures of her?

  • Meliss

    I can only speak for myself but I’m not famous and I will no longer post pictures of my baby anywhere. I’d even created a blog like so many of my friends. But then my half-sister’s mother (whom I have zero relationship with) decided to copy, paste, and repost my daughter to her page. Then I read an article that made me decide to check her blog and I found links to it from all parts of the world. That creeped me out in a major way. I don’t blame them for being hyper protective. Once an image is out there, you no longer have control over it. When it’s your kid, that’s very scary. Now I only post things where her face is obscured. Her hiding behind drapes with her legs poking out should be good enough. 🙂

    • Tula

      Your comment would make perfect sense if they didn’t show Blue at all, but it doesn’t explain why they post these creepy ones.
      I’m sure you don’t have a blog about your daughter with pictures of the back of her head or pictures with her face blurred out, right? You just stopped posting pictures, that’s what normal people do.

      • Meliss

        I mentioned that I post pictures where her face is obscured. One where she’s playing in the drapes, one where we’re parked and she’s in my lap and it looks like she’s driving…I call them action shots. Nothing vague, like this pic, but you can’t ever see her entire face. Family and friends want to see her, but on the internet that’s all they’re getting. They can email me if they want more. I just think every parent has their threshold. I understand being a jumpy first-time parent. Maybe they are too.

  • Xxx

    How can she be cute if she looks like Jay?

    • Tula

      Exactly. Although I do think all babies are cute, she will not be an attractive adult.
      Genetics can be cruel, how many celebrity families do we know of where the baby looks like the hideous father instead of the beautiful mother?

    • Clementine

      I know right? That face on a man is disgusting, can you imagine it on a woman??? Atleast she’ll be able to afford plastic surgery. Hopefully lip reduction is first on her list.

      • Anonymous

        Wow. Aren’t you a bundle of sunshine?

  • Mary

    Dang – with all their money you would think they would buy a better camera! I am sure Blue is beautiful, but these pics are just non pictures – could be a genius move to get people to lose interest knowing they won’t see anything, who knows.

    • An33

      Or the opposite….trying to create interest in a child that nobody really cares if they see or not.

    • An33

      Or the opposite….trying to create interest in a child that nobody really cares if they see or not.

  • Heidi

    Is there ever a pic of this child that we can ever see her face? NO! Why would you post a pic of your child and give us a shadow pic or never see a clear face on her? None of us really don’t have a clue what her face looks like at all. Not really good seeing a faceless kid! They need to go away and stay away!

    • sheyla

      NOT TRUE! There is a CLEAR Pic of Blue taken in July, (Blue is about 6 months) while Beyonce & Blue were out shopping…Bey is wearing box braid hairstyle and Blue has on pink pants and white flower shirt. Blue Ivy is GORGEOUS!! The right mix of JAY & Bey!! Beautiful head of hair! This child is music Royalty Princess!

  • Zar55

    OMG you people are so angry you cant see her face like it’s first world problem CHILL

  • Ahhh

    That’s the fun of it for Bey and J……..they actually do read blogs like this at night or when they are bored! Its a game with them……….they are getting the hits they need! They are also testing the waters as to where their fan base blogs are! I sure would want to know what the world was saying about my celebrity baby! You see the beautiful babies would all be matched up with Blue Ivy in every magazine and the magazines would be making money but not Blue Ivy. So if she is going to take the negative judgment and be made a joke….you better believe her parents are figuring on cashing in! I do not blame them! Saturday night live is drooling waiting for a clear shot so that they can do a skit………….L O L

  • they won’ t show her face because with jay- z as her father they really need to stop kidding themselves. She has to be ugly or fair. She has nothing to draw from. If she looks like him i feel sorry for her. She may have anything her heart desires but looks wont be one of them. It is just like cher, johnny depp, david beckham(except harper), & christie brinkley. Stunning but looks gone to waste because of their ugly partner.

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