Rachel Zoe Shops With Skyler

Such a stylish mother-son duo.

Reality television star Rachel Zoe, 41, was photographed shopping with her sweet son Skyler, soon to be 2, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (January 9).

It seems as though the ShoeDazzle stylist is really enjoying motherhood.

“Every day I ask my husband, ‘Is it possible to over-kiss your child?'” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “I literally think I kiss him 200 times in a day. It’s not normal!”

“It does change your life,’ she continues. “It does turn it inside out and upside down, but in the best way possible. The difference is you don’t care because you’re altering your life for the best reason in the world. He’s everything.”

Rachel, her hubby Rodger Berman and Skyler recently returned from a holiday season getaway to St. Barts.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/INFphoto.com


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  1. Anonymous

    His hair is starting to get ridiculous now too.

  2. A. Smyth

    Again, Rachel Zoe is looking like the very picture of joy, sweetness and light.

  3. Pippa

    I can’t wait for this kid to get a little bit older and rebel, and throw off those hats as soon as they touch the top of his head. (Obvi, his mom dresses him and puts the hats on.)

    This family has a WEIRD hat fettish. They all wear hats everytime they are photographed. Ok, maybe not ALL the time but often. Sometimes they are cute on him, but it’s old hat with her. Pun intended. ;p

  4. SMIley

    i love to see pictures of skyler

  5. mag

    he really looks like a girl without the hat…
    and who is she? why is she famous? does she ever wear anything colorful and happy?

  6. courtneyb

    Skyler is a doll, and I think hats fits him. I’m not a huge fan of Rachel Zoe, but her child is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen.

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