Kourtney Kardashian & Her Pretty Penelope

Kourtney Kardashian took her daughter Penelope shopping at children’s boutique Bonpoint in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (January 10). The 6-month-old looked so sweet in her white jacket and stockings.

Kourtney recently came back from a trip to Deer Valley in Utah with 3-year-old Mason, Scott Disick, as well as Kendall, Kylie and friends.

She blogged: “After months of being in Miami, I was craving winter! I felt like Christmas went by so quickly since we got home from Miami only a week before Christmas. So we decided to head to the snow!”

She also shared a few photos from the trip Tweeting, “Missing the crew” and “Fabulous Foursome”.

Soon fans will be able to see what the family were up to in the new season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami! which premieres on January 20.

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  1. Anonymous

    God forgive me but what a homely looking kid. She looks like an old man.

  2. Jessica

    She would make a cute boy but she is just not a cute little girl. But hopefully into toddlerhood she will change a bit. Her mom and family thinks she’s beautiful so that’s all that really matters I know

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think she would make a cute boy either, look at her brother.

  4. Bink

    penelope looks just like mason.

  5. Elle

    I think she’ll get cute when she’s a toddler. Mason did.

  6. popsykl

    i think they are very sweet looking kids 🙂 can’t believe you ladies call other peeps kids names……grow up

  7. A. Smyth

    Pretty!!??? Are you kidding me? Kourtney and Scott need to stop breeding STAT.

  8. Daniella

    Sorry, but that is one not attractive baby girl. She looks like a baby boy and isn’t a sweet, cute looking baby girl. Maybe as she gets older, she might grow into looking cute, but not now.

  9. Anonymous

    Popski, you need your eyes examined. Pretty ugly.

  10. i love kourtney but the little girl is not that cute

  11. cherysh bradette

    im not afraid to tell everybody and stevie wonder even, that child is fugly and her brother is too!!! please kourtney please dont stop taking your birth control!!!! but i do think kim and kanyes will be alot uglier even if that is possible!!!!

  12. kamila

    My first thought was “ummm…. pretty?” LOL but oh well, lots of not-so-cute babies turn into beautiful adults and she’s unique looking. I bet she will look just like Kourtney when she’s older and Kourtney isn’t ugly.

  13. missme?

    I think the originator of the header is asking for the not so nice comments by using the word pretty in connection with penelope. it’s really a set-up.

  14. Dani

    I think Penelope is so cute, I just want to squeeze her cheeks! And in my opinion, saying that someone’s baby isn’t pretty it’s just mean..

  15. Gemi

    I’m sorry, I think she’s adorable.

  16. Taylor Stern

    If anyone doesn’t see that Penelope looks like a chimp & is not cute then you need glasses. Kim’s daughter North is pretty b/c she has beautiful eyes & a cute nose plus her mouth is beautiful. Kourtney makes ugly babies b/c Kourtney is not attractive unless she adds fake hair plus tons of make-up & air brushing. Even Mason is not cute. Kourtney’s kids have ugly eyes & lips. Truth be told & it hurts

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