Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: Potty Training

Dem Babies are growing up!

“Roc really lookin like I am bothering him LOL,” Nick Cannon captioned the above photo of his son Moroccan, 20 months, on the potty via Instagram.

No word if Moroccan’s twin sister Monroe is also hitting the potty these days.

Nick and the kids were recently Down Under with famous mama, Grammy Award-winning singer Mariah Carey, for a series of concerts.

“Ms. Monroe greets the audience in Australia,” the proud mom tweeted a photo of her family onstage. “Thank u 4 coming!!”

And the weekend before that, we spotted the Carey-Cannons sailing around the Great Barrier Reef.

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. erinn

    one day this kid is probably going to wish some of these ‘moments’ were kept a little more privately. i get that this is a cute baby and he is not being physically exposed, but i wouldn’t want someone to take a picture of me like this and make it available to the world.

  2. Ano

    And we have to see this because?

  3. Annie

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  4. Barbara

    Hey Dad, you need a potty chair his size. One where his feet touch the

  5. Anonymous

    I still don’t know who this kid looks like.

  6. Mary

    OMG – So funny!! This picture will never go away, poor kid! LOL I am sure will end up in his year books and blown up at his wedding.

  7. fatal

    nice way to exploit your kid cause your a fame drooling skkankk-really MooMoo you posted this on the internet-nobody needs to see this-and your son will HATE you for this total invasion of his privacy-take a lesson from Michael you pathetic attention drooling stripper cow-even as crazy as he was he was a better parent than your self serving selfish arse-when will this has been freakshow please go away-and CPS please do something-and too all her bahhhing sheep-you should be ashamed that you placate this pathetic crazy mentally unstable nut job-there is something just horribly wrong with her as a person-she needs help and to actually stay on a diet she looks like she about to burst lately

  8. Jane

    So innapropriate for the internet

  9. SMH

    Its a BABY on a potty. See nothing wrong with it. Sure this will be the least of Rocs issues as an adult.

  10. Anonymous

    Isn’t he a bit young to start Potty training yet I thought parents started to Potty train their kids when they are a little closer to 3 and Mariah and Nick’s kids are not even 2 yet!

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