Tori Spelling’s Bow-Tie Cutie

Tori Spelling’s son Liam likes to wear bow-ties. In a photo posted the 5-year-old is sporting a striped one for the camera. She Tweeted on January 5: “Look at the stylish silk&velvet @BOUTAUGH bow-ties we carry @inventorila for boy’s & men.”

On January 11 she posted a video on of herself getting her hair done in her kitchen three days before Finn was born.

She blogged: “Because I spent so much time in the hospital when I was pregnant with Finn, I had to scramble to get everything ready for baby in the days leading up to Finn’s arrival. My gusband Mehran took this video of me days before the big day… and as you can see,there was still a lot to get done!

“I was in the process of getting my hair done (couldn’t have my baby meeting me for the first time with roots!), was still putting the finishing touches on the nursery, and had to pick out an outfit for baby to wear home from the hospital…In the end it all got done (and I caught it on video, so stay tuned!), and I was able to welcome my little man into this world as a blonde again (Thank you Mark!) and with lots and lots of love.”


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  1. Ano

    Wow, he looks a lot like Tori.

  2. Mary

    Love Liam! Cute and funny all in one!! Cannot imagine what his school teachers hear every day from this little man!

  3. Anonymous

    Looks like his cutness is fading into Toriness. Too bad. It’ll be all down hill from here. Well at least Grandpa’s $$$$$ will help alot with the ladies. Hope the same doesn’t happen to Stella and Hattie! So sooo worse for girls to be unattractive. Dean must really love $$$$$$$$$!

  4. Hope

    Liam looks like Tori here but he sure didn’t get his blonde hair from her due to the fact that Tori is a natural brunette who keeps bleaching her hair! But usually Liam looks a lot like his Uncle Randy!

  5. anonymous

    He looks like Tori. Sorry, not attractive.

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