Drew Barrymore: I’ll Fight To Keep My Family Happy & Intact

Drew Barrymore is putting her wild child past behind her. She wants to have a stable life with her husband Will Kopelman and their 3-month-old daughter Olive.

She tells People, “I will literally fight like a lion to keep my family happy and intact. Maybe I wouldn’t feel that way if I had had a great family growing up.”

It was a solo trip to India that gave her perspective.

“It freaked me out. I was afraid to let go. But with great risk comes great reward. We always wonder [when single], ‘Where is this person? Oh my God, I’m lonely; what’s my future?’ But eventually you’ll meet somebody, and this time will be gone. And you will kick yourself for not enjoying it. For me, that year was a great investment. It made me realize, I’m ready for something different.”

She added, “Had I not carved out that time for myself, I don’t know if I’d be as happy trying to figure out what makes my husband happy and how to be a good mom. I needed to be on my own and do my own thing.”

When she was pregnant she also spent a lot of time at home.

Drew said, “I didn’t go out for like six or seven months. It was really nice to just get quiet. I cleaned out every single drawer in my house. I went through storage units. That’s how I lived my days. They say cats run around shredding paper before they’re about to give birth. That’s exactly how I was.”

Motherhood has given her a “better” life.

The Big Miracle actress said, “My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis. Every morning when I wake her up, the endgame is, ‘Can I get her to smile?’ And that puts me in a good mood. It’s definitely a different way to live — and a much better one.”

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  1. I’m hoping the only reason she wore a white bra under a black top is because it’s a nursing bra and perhaps those don’t come in black. For as long as she’s been dressing herself and being photographed, I would think she would know what happens when you wear a white bra and a reasonably sheer black top. Surely she has a black camisole she could have worn.

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