Miranda Kerr & Her Lil’ Gym Partner

Miranda Kerr took Flynn to the gym with her in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (January 12). The adorable tot had his milk bottle with him.

Kerr recently said she and Orlando Bloom are so busy they aren’t rushing into having another baby. At a recent event in Beverly Hills – the Victoria’s Secret Angel told People, “We are really enjoying our time with Flynn at the moment. He’s such a ball of love and he’s so wonderful. And we are both so busy that I think it’s nice to have that time together and not rush any other babies for now.”

She also talked about Flynn’s second birthday party.

“It was a lot of fun … and it was a really special celebration. We had a little bubble machine and the kids loved it. We also had little bunny rabbits and chickens.”

Regarding spending so much time away from her husband – Miranda says they are online all the time.

She said, “Lots of Skype. Especially now that we have our son. I’m not much of a talking on the phone person. I prefer to text. It’s always very hard to get me on the phone.”

The model mom also shared that their little boy loves Vegemite stating, “He says, ‘G’day mate’ and he puts a thumb up, too. My grandma introduced him to Vegemite and he’s never turned back. [He says,] ‘Mummy, mummy, Vege.”

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  1. Em

    Damn, I thought he was Honor Warren for a split second. It’s the eyebrows.

  2. Liz

    Isn’t he a little old for a bottle?

    • Someone

      Was just thinking that…yes, much too old. Not like he’s going to be taking it to kindergarten but he’s well past the age of needing it. Surprising too since she was so pro nursing…I thought she would just go straight to a sippy after weaning. To each his own. He’s a doll!

  3. Sam

    Flynn is by far the cutest celeb tot.

  4. Bedel

    Seriously Cute! But seriously to old for a bottle!

  5. Bloopie

    Thank goodness I am not a celebrity kid cause I stopped drinking from a bottle at the age of 7 … and I still kind of do today (I fill a water bottle with milk instead of drinking it in a glass).

  6. Colleen griffin

    Too old for a bottle,,,yes! I’m a Reading Language Specialist and taking bottles too long alters the shape of a child’s mouth which can lead to oral motor problems and cause speech problems. Based on the shape of Flynn’s mouth he also takes a pacifier still.

  7. Sophia

    Even though he’s big for his age the kid’s only just turned 2… I wouldn’t call that too old to have a bottle. In lots of cultures he would still be breast feeding. Anyway, gorgeous mama and baby.

  8. A. Smyth

    Every time I see photos of Miranda carrying her baby, she looks so uncomfortable – as though his weight is a little too much for her skinny frame, so she has to grab hold extra hard.

  9. Emma

    He’s only two years old?! He looks so tall for his age!!

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