Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Lunchin’ In Style

Rachel Zoe took Skyler to lunch at Hugo’s in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (January 11). As usual – the nearly 2-year-old looked adorable in his rolled up jeans, tan coat and winter hat.

Zoe – now chief stylist at shoedazzle.com – had on funky black open-toe shoes.

There will be a new season of The Rachel Zoe Project for Bravo. Also Zoe sold a sitcom script to NBC based on her life a few months ago.

She told Elle, “I sold the script to NBC, but I don’t know what happens after that. I think there’s still a lot that needs to be done. We’re going to do a pilot and all of that. It’s going to take place when I was much younger and first started out. So it would need to be someone who has complete enthusiasm, is slightly eccentric, and is passionate. And [she should be] a bit starry eyed about fashion. So anyone who can portray that well, is hired.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet


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  1. anonymous27

    How much money do these people spend on clothes? Skyler looks affordable but he is growing out of his clothes so quickly. This little coat seems to tight.

  2. laura

    The witch is back! How the hell is she dressed?

  3. popsykl

    seriously they could make a doll from this child…..he is so very beautiful

  4. Francesca

    Such a beautiful child! And thanks to his mama, always looking uber stylish. 🙂

  5. A Smyth

    Who is this adorable little girl?

  6. Holly

    How the hell does she get a hat to stay on him?? She literally must have them superglued in his hair, lol. I want to know her secret.

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