Beyoncé Shares Blue’s Sonogram, Talks Pregnancy

Although she has millions of admirers, Beyoncé has her occasional moments of self-doubt.

“People see celebrities and they have money and fame, but I’m a human being. I cry, I get scared, I get nervous just like everyone else,” the Grammy Award-winning singer, 31, admits in a newly released trailer for her upcoming HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, airing February 16.

The new mom – who welcomed her daughter Blue Ivy with husband Jay-Z in January 2012 – also shares her sonogram and reveals how she found out she was pregnant.

“I just had a feeling that something was going on,” the popstar says. “Really, this is crazy.”

She goes on to talk about the difficulty of hiding her pregnancy before famously unveiling her baby bump at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011.

“They keep putting me in these tight clothes and trying to hide it, it’s very difficult,” she shares, while showing off her growing bump. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this.”

The Bootylicious singer is set to perform at the Super Bowl half-time show, which will feature the first reunion of Destiny’s Child since 2007, on February 3. The famous girl group is also set to release a greatest hits collection, Destiny’s Child – Love Songs on January 29.

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  • Lola

    Is it a sonogram of the back of her head?

    • musiclover


    • Joy

      i have no idea what that means.

  • Jessica

    Isn’t she the one who’s “pregnant belly” collapsed inward during an interview?! I think she had a surrogate and I don’t see why she can say she did either. Strange people they are.

    • LaKesha

      Would you judge her if she used a surrogate?

  • Anonymous

    Lola – LMAO!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Do you not know how to use the “Reply” feature?

  • Fatima

    Even if thay were to show people a clip of Beyonce pushing her daughter out of her va-jay-jay. people would still say that’s fake too.

  • Meghan

    The video shows you plain as day that she was pregnant!!! You guys are just miserable and jealous. If you don’t like beyonce then why come here and leave negative comments?? Just treat her like you don’t know her. Trust me she is STILL going to be the shit. With or without your support. BOWWW!!!

    • Bloopie

      She doesn’t look too pregnant though. And in my honest opinion, her belly was bigger when she publicly announced she was pregnant, than when she went to an exotic place a few months later.

      She could have had a surrogate? I don’t know. I am not saying she was not pregnant, I just don’t know. You know there are two types of pregnant celebrities. Those who doesn’t show it, and those who does. Beyoncé is both. She is doing everything to show it without really showing it. It is what people do when they lie about something they don’t have. They don’t want people to know it. I bet it is why people are so doubtful. And also because her belly collapsed, which is really odd.

      • MilkCookies&Makeup

        This is true. I could hold a sonogram and look like that after a good meal. I think what will calm everyone is if we saw her having an ultrasound…now are we entitled to it, by no means. But I’ve seen amazing prosthetic pregnant bellies, e.x. Jennifer Aniston on Friends. If she was really pregnant than great but if she used a surrogate she shouldn’t lie about bc it doesn’t make her less than a woman and there is no shame, just disappointment to go so far.The collapsing dress planted a seed of doubt so it’s understandable doubt her pregnancy but not the fact Blue is her child. No matter how little Blue arrived into this world her mom, Beyonce is exactly that her mom.

        • Anonymous

          No, it’s not understandable that people doubt her pregnancy. It’s ridiculous.

      • rowe_wc


        You people have way too much time on your hands. Who cares ????????

        I don’t get this obsession. WHO CARES???? Y’all are really sitting around and wondering if she was pregnant or used a surrogate ??!?!?!!!???

        Don’t you have young children to look after???

  • Kasey1

    I couldn’t care less whether she was pregnant or not, I just don’t like how everything she does is so calculated. She seems very narcassistic to me and before you go on saying “don’t judge her”, remember, she puts a lot of what she does out there. (i.e. announcing her pregnancy at the VMAs, this documentary,etc.) I personally think Beyonce is incredibly beautiful, so-so talented, (but has worked very hard), etc but I’m hardly jealous of her (well maybe that she has a lot more money than me, but I think I’ll manage.)

    • LaKesha

      Everything everybody does is calculated.

      • Kasey1

        *Insert clever comeback here.*

        • rowe_wc

          Will my thumbs down suffice ??

          • Kasey1

            Yes, thank you! Now I can sleep at night! Thank you God for letting someone on the internet who disagrees with me thumbs down my comment! 🙂

        • rowe_wc

          Nice to see you inserted your own clever comment. Eagerly waiting by the screen to type something semi-witty as expected.

          Good night & adieu.

      • rowe_wc

        I meant to give you a thumbs up, but some how you got a thumbs down by mistake :s

        Damn technology.

    • rowe_wc

      And what celebrity doesn’t put a lot out there!? Especially when it eventually gets leaked/ sold to tabloids/ gets discovered. When you’re a celeb, you’re in the public eye and unfortunately have very little privacy. Beyonce understands this, and is sharing as much as she deems safe at this point, while protecting her child as any mom would.

      I have a facebook account and very few pics of my child up. Am I narcissistic too? I’m a lesser known person and take the same measures as a celeb, all because people are cruel and there’s no telling to the extent of their evilness.

      I’m not a Beyonce stan. It’s just this hot mess has surpassed ridiculous a hella long time ago. This topic is the dead horse in the road that ppl with no lives whatsoever keep kicking and kicking, over and over again.

      She had a baby. Ding dong let’s hang the witch for it!!!

      …Let me guess. You think Elvis is still alive, and aliens are hiding out in area 51, ’cause these matters are of extreme importance and need to be discussed –tune into CNN and get a clue.

      GET LIVES!! More important matters in the world.

      • Kasey1

        “Get lives more important in the world matters” says the girl commenting on every post. I think you need to reflect the fact that you’re dripping with HYPOCRISY. First off, all I said was IN MY OPINION, Beyonce is a narcissist and I think what she does is calculated. DING DONG LET’S HANG THE WITCH. And you’re not a Beyonce stan? I guess that makes you plain ignorant. If you want to disagree with me, fine that’s your business, but for you to gather the fact that I “must believe in aliens and that elvis is alive” because I think Beyonce is a narcissistic, then you must believe you are truly a clever person. Both are false. By the way, you commenting about how I was “waiting for a reply and made a clever comment”, did you not wait for my reply as well? You commented closely after mine, again the hypocrisy is dripping from you. I don’t ever like to call people ignorant or dumb, but you seriously need to chill. Beyonce has people who don’t like her, we have reasons, GET OVER IT. I said above in my post that I could not care less whether she was pregnant or not, so you gettting all up in arms about an opinion is plain stupid. But, you want to call me out and try to make me look like an idiot? I don’t think so. People may disagree with me, and others may think I make a logical point. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. But don’t tell people to “GET LIVES” when you are doing the exact same thing as they are. Chill. You can continue to comment on this all you want, I’m done. Go ahead thumbs up your own comment or thumbs down mine, at the end of the day, it’s an opinion on a public forum, we’re allowed to express how we feel.

  • bizzibodi1

    I love Beyonce’ & I’m glad she chose to share something so personal with the world. I don’t care if she had a surrogate or she carried her baby, that’s not my concern. My only concern is her making more music for me to listen to & keep on repeat! That is all……

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