Brian Austin Green Wants A Daughter

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green left their 4-month-old son Noah at home tonight to hit the Golden Globes red carpet.

Showing off her amazing post-baby figure in her fitted strapless Dolce & Gabbana gown, the new mom was quick to gush about her baby boy.

“It’s all I ever wanted to do, so I’m just happy I got the opportunity to do it. I was very overwhelmed with the intensity of the emotions I felt when I had him so I’m in love with him,” she said, laughing, “And Brian is jealous because I love him so much.”

Megan, who is also stepmom to Brian’s 9-year-old son Kassius, also revealed that they’re already thinking about another baby, saying, “I want more kids, I’m so tired, I don’t know if my body could do it right now, but if it happens, it happens. He wants a little a girl.”

Added Brian, “That’s what I want, a little girl, I have two boys.”

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  1. Kasey1

    Wowza, Megan looks flaw-less in that dress at the Golden Globes. She and Brian seem like fantastic, down to earth parents. I hope they have a girl in 2014/2015 🙂 That way Kassius and Noah could have a little sister, that’d be great.

    • rowe_wc

      Are you sure you’re pro Meg/Brian…

      They aren’t married…
      Brian has a son from a previous relationship that never involved marriage…
      And they’re C/D-list actors which would explain the ‘down-to-earthness’…

      • Jacquie

        Uhm actually, if you do a little research, they are married and what does it matter if they are not, they don’t love their children any more or less depending on their marital status….. You should really join the rest of us her in the 21st century!

  2. Nella

    Dress is amazing, and she looks awesome in it…. but I’m not too crazy about the make up!

  3. courtney

    don’t count on it some women are destined to have all boys and others all girls as in Theresa Festko Newman had 2 boys Arthur Jr & Paul while Paul’s widow had 3 girls plus he had a boy and two girls from his first marriage and his middle daughter from his widow has two sons. some people on purpose space their children further apart as fo example between Newman’s 2 yungest daughters there is a nearly 43 month age difference correct they were born September 27th 1961 and April 21st 1965.

  4. Louisa

    I keep thinking she has the scariest of all varices on her arm. I know it’s just the remains of what used to be her tattoo, but still…

  5. cb

    i am just thinking she doesnt seem like mother material to me. i mean, no maternal vibes, etc at all !!! i sure hope she has a loving nanny to take care of the baby.

    • Kasey1

      No maternal vibes? She has been helping her now husband take care of his son, her stepson, since he was 2 years old….since she was 18. It takes a good, strong woman with a lot of “maternal instincts” to do that. Secondly, she has talked nothing but praise of Noah since he was born. I quote “I love him so much it hurts, he’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me, etc.” Just because she has a “sexy” vibe doesn’t mean she doesn’t have maternal instincts. I hope you realize you made a very ignorant comment. Jealousy is not something you wear well.

      • rowe_wc

        But Beyonce having too much money makes her and her family try-hards and ridiculous!?!?

        Talk about having scales unbalanced Kasey1.

        You talk as though you know these celebs and their lives and all their stories put out by their publicists to be bible.

        Where’s your proof that Meg raised Kassius? Escorting him to the movies is hardly parenting/raising your boyfriend’s child. At 18 I don’t think many females are women at that age.

  6. Andie


    First of all they ARE married. Do some reasearch instead of blabbing non sense things here just because you don’t like Megan. Second…she HELPED raise his son: proof….his son has been spending several days per week at their house since he was 2. Do you think it’s only Brian who feeds him, help him with his studies, tell a bedtime story, etc, etc? You too ignorant if you think she didn’t help at all.

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