Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Posh Birthday Party For Blue

The fabulous life of Blue Ivy Carter!

According to The Sun, the celebrity tot celebrated her first birthday in style, with her famous parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z spending a cool $200,000 on a posh NYC party.

Reportedly, the superstar couple hosted a princess-themed party for family and friends, dropping $95,000 on the finest pink and white roses, and $2,000 on the custom made cake.

Toys and gifts for their guests racked up another $30,000 for their beautiful baby girl, who celebrated her first birthday on January 7.

But the biggest splurge of all was baby Blue’s dazzling gift — a custom made diamond-encrusted Barbie doll that cost $80,000.

And the adult guests walked away with some fabulous swag! Inside the loot bags were concert tickets and personalised gold pens with Blue Ivy and each guest’s name engraved on them.

It’s only the best for their little princess!

According to Radar Online, baby Blue has use of the most expensive suite at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center.

Reportedly, Jay-Z is spending $1 million a year for a suite that was partially turned into a nursery so that when when dad is there cheering on his beloved Nets, his daughter is being well cared for just a few feet away.

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  1. musiclover

    If that is all true…. I think they should be ashamed of themselves! they could have spent just 50,000 dollars and still have thrown a heck of a birthday party for their daughter (especially since she won’t remember it anyway) and given the remaining 150,000 dollars to some sort of charity in Blue’s name. that money would have been so much more useful if it had gone to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital or a couple of public schools or something like that.

  2. Jessica

    I bet the guests were only allowed to see the back of her head.

    And also I can’t believe the money! That’s ridiculous for a child’s birthday party! Or any birthday party! Simplicity can be a beautiful thing!

  3. LaKesha

    Given what this family has, I think this was to be expected. Parents shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of what they can or cannot do for their children. All parents, at heart, do what they feel is best for their children.

    • Dana

      Please, Blue is one year old. How is an extravagant party like that “best for the child?”

      • rowe_wc

        Because the parents deemed it best. Affluent parents sending their children off to outrageously expensive private schools. Is it not the same thing!?!?

        • musiclover

          Lol, let’s see…paying for a top notch education to prepare your child for the future vs. paying 200, 000 for a party for a baby who won’t remember it at all. Uh no….not the same thing at all!

          • Simone

            I think that it is there prerogative to spend what they want on their daughter’s birthday. Just because we may not want to spend that much doesn’t make us better parents….as human beings we need to stop judging people and deeming what we think is right or wrong. If I want to spend $200,000 or even a million dollars or my child that is my right and my decision and so is it theirs.

        • Egypt's_Mommy

          As A Parent You Have The Right To Spend However Much Yhu Please Or Deem Necessary To Satisfy Your Child And See To It They Have The Best. On My Daughter ‘s First Birthday I Am Going All Out Also. Yet I Do Agree That That Is ALOT Of $$ Fpr A Child’s Party. We Have To Realize That They Have That Type Of $$$$. We Find Ot Ridiculous BeCuse We Mostlikely Donot And $$$$ Has More Value To Us. In No Way Can You Compare The Cost Of A Child’s Party To Private School. SweetHeart That Is Your Child’s Education. That Was A Horrible Comparison. They Just Aren’t Comparable.

      • Egypt's_Mommy

        I Completely Agree, This Is The Reason Children Are So Spoiled And Snobby (Not Their Best Interest)

  4. Jessica

    @lakesha spending 500,000 on a silly party is not going to benefit blue in any way possible… I can spend thousands of dollars on my child’s party if I wanted but I choose not to because I think children should appreciate what they do receive and not expect elaborate things just because you have the money. Go crazy for their birthday fine but 500,000 is effing extreme and unnecessary.

  5. anonymous

    $200,000? That doesn’t sound at all excessive.

  6. Robbie Bassett

    When I was a kid I always thought there wasn’t enough money for poor people to have what they need. And if there was everyone would share. Now that I know some people have so much and other people have nothing, it still makes me sick.

    • Simone

      Yeah it is sad that we have poor people but you can’t get upset with people who go out there and strive hard to be successful and work hard at what they do to get where they are. We may not think of what Beyonce and Jay-Z do as work but it is a job and they work hard to entertain us…you have some people who don’t have anything cause they don’t want to go out there and work for it….should I give them my money that I’ve worked hard for just because they won’t go out there and work for it. (I’m not saying that everyone who is poor isn’t trying…some people do get bad breaks).

  7. anonymous

    their child,their money, their choice. Go Jay-Z n Beyonce!

  8. A. Smyth

    I wonder how many babies in Africa could have been saved with that $200,000.

  9. sharon

    Does it really matter! I have learnedly that when it comes to children proud loving parents go all out for their children rich or working class. That’s just what they do and trust baby ivy’s education is already paid for.

  10. bublinbrownsuga

    Yes!! It does matter a great deal. Yes b&j work hard, dosent mean be wastful or unaware of others needs those kinds of funds could’ve gone a long way its best Blue learn early,waste not want not.

  11. yisela

    We all try to give the best to our children, and the truth is that if you are rich and you can afford it you will spend whatever money you want for your child, is the normal for them the same way is normal for us to spend a couple of hundred dollars for our children parties, since that’s what we can afford…If I had the money I would do it too…who cares!

  12. gwen

    let’s just hope she teaching about the love of God, titheing,sunday school and church because all that money want by heaven.

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