Christie Lynn Smith’s Blog: “I’m A Tad Exhausted”

Actress Christie Lynn Smith is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers to follow along as she adjusts to her growing family. The General Hospital star and husband, actor John Fortson, recently welcomed their second child, son Joshua, on December 22.

In her first guest blog, the Paging Dr. Freed actress opens up about being “a tad exhausted” with a newborn in the house, the challenges of breastfeeding, and her blurry memories of when her daughter Abby, soon-to-be 5, was first born.

“I canʼt believe my little Joshua will be two weeks old. Heʼs growing up so fast! Where has the time gone? And before we know it he will be 1 month, then 1 year, then dating, college… slow down cutie pie.

I want to make sure I am present and take in every moment, not to miss anything. Which I think will be easy since I am up pretty much most of the entire day and night…

Right now, my little Joshua has his days and nights all mixed up – so, to be honest, Iʼm a tad exhausted. Which I kind of remember with Abby, my daughter, who will be 5 in March. But I donʼt think you ever really truly remember HOW EXHAUSTED you truly are. I wake up seriously DELIRIOUS when itʼs time to feed him on his 2 1/2 – 3 hour schedule – which is now turning into every 1 1/2 – 2 hours. I guess heʼs having a growth spurt. My big baby boy!

Breastfeeding can be very challenging at times. Joshua loves to block his little mouth with his arms and hands. I know heʼs hungry, he knows heʼs hungry, but he makes it like a game: me trying to get my boob in the” target” which is his mouth. Itʼs getting a tad easier… and for a few days, OMG, one of my nipples felt like Joshua had the teeth of JAWS chomping away at my breast and it was painful. I even shed a few tears… okay, a lot! BTW, MotherLove Nipple Cream works magic on those sore spots.

I set an alarm at night to make sure we feed him on time but he always wants to eat before the alarm goes off. We know itʼs time when he starts pecking away at my husbands neck.

Heʼs gaining weight perfect, we are told by our pediatrician, so I guess heʼs getting enough milk, even though sometimes he passes out on my breast while feeding. I think the hardest feeding is the 5am, but every time I get up in the middle of the night to feed him I am in awe of his beauty and his sweet little face and all the cute little sounds he makes.

After I breastfeed him, itʼs like my breast milk has a special potion in it and he looks like he is really drunk – his eyes roll back, his head goes off to the side, his arms are almost out like Frankenstein. Itʼs pretty funny! I wish I could have some special potion like that so I could feel like I slept for 12 hours even though Iʼm getting only a few hours a night.

I know it will get easier, and right now I am in the thick of it. But I wouldnʼt trade any moment though. I love him, the experience of breastfeeding, the bonding with him and sleep… Who needs it, right? I can sleep when my kids move out. Oh wait, then I have to worry about all that other stuff. Okay, I guess I will never sleep again – and thatʼs okay.”

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