Help! My Child Is Being Bullied

By Brock Hansen

If you know your child is being bullied, start by taking a deep breath. Your first instinct may be to charge in and do something to protect your child. However, your goal should be to help your child protect herself as much as possible, which will take some planning and understanding. So now, take another deep breath, visit and follow these five essential steps.

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  1. When my children joined Facebook, I did some research and found several solutions. If I were you, I wouldn’t bother looking at software to install on my child’s PC because these cannot “see” everything, and when your children access Facebook from a different device, it doesn’t help at all.

    Look at services such as PG Guard and Uknow (you can find them on Google). These are online services that you can register to and they inform you of any bad “interactions.” I prefer the PG Guard solution because it uses technology that monitors each child according to their activities.

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