Samantha Harris Launches ‘Let’s Fight Fat’

Former Dancing with the Stars co-host and Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Samantha Harris, is teaming up with alli and the launch of Let’s Fight Fat. With a free signup, Samantha is excited to share the “new online guide for those trying to make healthy eating and exercise part of their daily lives.”

While it take “a lot of dedication,” Samantha opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how she maintains her healthy lifestyle. She goes on to talk about her passion to end hunger in America, and her “funny and silly” daughters Josselyn, 5, and Hillary, who turns 2 on January 19.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with alli and the launch of Let’s Fight Fat. What’s it all about? Why did you get involved?

SH: “Working on TV and being a busy mom of two little girls, my life is pretty hectic – especially during the holidays and at the start of a new year. So I understand the stresses and delectable temptations the winter season can bring.

For the millions of Americans who will resolve to lose weight in 2013, just trying to stick to a healthy regimen and not gain weight through the holidays and in the weeks at the beginning of the new year can be difficult. I really try to live a healthy lifestyle and make exercise a part of my routine year-round – so this time of the year should be no different.

I will admit, it is harder, but it’s not about just making a quick-fix resolution to kick off the start of the year — it should be about making a change in your life for the better for the long-term.

That’s why I’m excited to partner with alli and encourage those seeking support visit – a new, online guide for those trying to make healthy eating and exercise part of their daily lives. And it’s free to sign up! I also love that it has a mobile app, so you can take it wherever you go.”

CBS: How do you stay in such great shape? Do you make time for healthy eating/cooking and working out? What are some of your best tips for staying healthy?

SH: “It’s a lot of dedication, I will be honest. But what was once an effort, now has become second nature – a way of life. It took time to learn how to make the right meal and snack choices and get into a routine where exercise was just a no-brainer.

I schedule exercise as an appointment in my day, just like anything else that I MUST do. Well, 4-5 times a week when I can. While it can still be challenging at times, I try to meld family time with getting physical activity. That way I can be with the girls and my husband but still get my heart rate up a little.

I put a lot of my focus on healthful eating habits as well and teaching those to our girls. Healthy eating and regular exercise really go hand in hand. If I’m too busy to take a cardio or yoga class, then I try to find easy ways to fit in exercise during my daily routine, like stealing 10 minutes to lift weights or 20 minutes to run outdoor stairs at a nearby office building. I may not get in a full, intense workout but I find it helps my mental clarity and focus to get some sort of physical movement in during the day.”

CBS: Tell us about your passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Why is this so important to you personally, and to share this message with others?

SH: “It started awhile after I graduated from college and moved to L.A – I no longer had required dance classes or organized sports forcing me to show up and exercise. It took awhile to find my groove and learn to enjoy workouts in my own way. But soon I found a certain energy, focus and happiness once I began working out regularly and after keeping at it, I soon found that those workouts also made me more productive in every aspect of my life – professionally and personally.

I want to share this idea with others, because I think there is a misconception that getting physical activity means exerting yourself to a place of exhaustion and wanting to pass out. That is so not the case. Even just getting your body moving a little each day can have such tremendous positive effects on your whole being – overall health, wellness, psyche and more.

I want to encourage ladies out there to try – just try to do a little each day. Then try to add 5 minutes more when and where you can. If the baby is napping, put in a DVD for 20 minutes, or do lunges while waiting for the laundry load to be changed.”

CBS: You’re always so involved in fighting hunger in America. Tell us about this passion. 

SH: “I am passionate about ending hunger in America and continue to work a lot with Feeding America – the nation’s leading hunger relief organization. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, our family donated to Feeding America (and the Red Cross) to support the wonderful efforts they were doing to assist those in need.

As a mom, it saddens me to know that 1 in 5 children in America is food insecure, meaning they don’t always know where (or when) their next meal will come from. I have taken my older daughter, Josselyn who is now 5, to a local food bank to volunteer stocking shelves with food, bag groceries and donate books to the kids in the waiting area. We also gave toys to the children who weren’t as fortunate.”

CBS: How are your daughters doing? What are they into?

SH: “The girls are finally starting to really play with each other. Seeing then as playmates is so fun! Jossie is a terrific, patient and sweet big sister to Hillary (who will turn 2 on January 19). Hillary is strong-willed, lovey, funny and is still in the biting and pinching stage when she isn’t getting what she wants from her big sis. That can get frustrating, as Josselyn just wants Hilly to love and hug her.

We are having a blast with the girls and their funny, silly, adorable personalities — very different in many ways but that makes it even more special.”

CBS: How do you and your husband keep the romance alive amidst busy careers and family life? Do you make time for date nights?

SH: “Funny. Just as I am doing this interview, my hubby is sitting next to me looking up movie show times for this weekend! We have been bad about leaving the girls for date nights, but recently began trying harder to schedule those. So the plan is to try to get in at least 2 weekend nights in a month.

It’s so hard to leave our sweet girls when we have time to be together as a family all weekend. I think the romance comes in seeing him be such an amazing hands-on daddy. It makes me even more in love with him when I watch how he makes the girls giggle or when we can share a glance, that only a married couple can, when watching our little ones do something impressive or adorable.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

SH: “I am continuing my work with Feeding America to raise awareness about hunger in America as well as with March of Dimes to let people know how they can help all women have healthy babies.

Additionally, we are waiting to hear if the show that I host for NBC, Stars Earn Stripes, will be picked up for a second season. It was a wonderful experience getting to know the elite men and women who protect our nation, so I hope viewers get to see even more of them and that I get to learn more from them in another season.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Samantha Harris

  • Ella

    I saw Samantha Harris in person last year when she came to a fashion event at Neiman Marcus at the Topanga Mall. I was shocked to see how positively emaciated she was in person. Big head and tiny, frail body. She was so thin that the frocks she tried on from the clothing line having the show that day just hung on her. I don’t think anyone should be looking to her for health and diet tips. IMO

    • Rosy

      I thought she looked quite thin (especially around the stomach area) in the picture above. Sounds like she could do with embracing fat a little bit more than she is. Sure, it’s not great for you but she would look so much better with a few more pounds on her.

  • Anonymous

    She actually looks like a child in that photo.

  • Beth

    Since I know Samantha Harris, I can attest to the fact that she may look thin but that is because she exercises regularly and eats healthful foods as opposed to junk foods. She is strong and healthy mentally and physically and is smart too. Samantha is a wonderful wife and mother.

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