Shakira & Gerard Piqué Share Baby Bump Photo

Stunning mom-to-be Shakira bares her burgeoning baby bump in an intimate photo alongside her boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

“The countdown begins!” the Colombian popstar captions the shot via Facebook. “And we’d like to invite you to participate in our world baby shower joining efforts with UNICEF.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer goes on to share a link to her online “world baby shower” to help raise funds for impoverished children gain access to “polio vaccines, therapeutic food, rehydration salts and more.”

On Monday, the proud parents-to-be were spotted supporting Shakira’s father at his book presentation.

The singer, 35, and the footballer, 25, first met on the set of the singer’s video for the South Africa World Cup theme song, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

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Photo credit: Facebook


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  1. Heather

    That is a beautiful photo!!

  2. courtney

    @Heather I so agree with you that is a bautifu shot and it shows how much they love their baby boy before his birth

  3. Lulu

    Beautiful photo, I love that they are posing together. She looks great, all about belly, did not gain too much weight…beautiful parents to be! Good luck & blessings.

  4. Dana

    She looks lovely… But I get the impression he is rather smitten with himself. He is giving the camera his best “blue steel” look.

  5. Ivy

    At first glance it looked like ‘the pregnant man’

  6. Jenn

    That baby is gong to be gorgeous! And this is a classy photo, unlike the one of that “Girls” actress (can’t remember her name) a month or so ago.

  7. laura

    Beautiful and classy, very intimate yet not scandalous at all.
    Just his right hand look weird, it looks photoshopped!

  8. anonymous2

    I can’t believe he is only 25! Anyway, this is going to be one good looking baby 🙂

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