Jenelle Evans Bares Her Baby Bump

Although she doesn’t have custody of her 3-year-old son Jace, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans looks every bit the proud mom-to-be in these newly revealed Instagram photos.

The reality TV star shared shots of her bare baby bump on Thursday, confirming the news that she’s pregnant with her second child.

Sporting a bra and sweatpants, the Teen Mom 2 star took some self portraits of her growing belly. “Baby bumppp,” she wrote. “My little angel!”

Jenelle, 21, goes on to share with her Twitter follower she’s “7 weeks along.”

One of her followers tweeted: “All I’m gonna say is I hope she makes better decisions this time and acts like an adult.”

In response, the young mom replied,” Just watch and see. I promise ill prove everyone wrong. Don’t judge me from the past.”

On Wednesday, Jenelle’s new husband Courtland Rogers announced their pregnancy news.

“Me and Jenelle are so happy that she’s pregnant,” Courtland gushed. “She told me, ‘I’m looking forward to a second chance.’”

This will be the couple’s first child together. Courland has a child from a previous relationship, and Janelle’s 3-year-old son Jace is currently in the custody of her mother Barbara Evans, due to her past drug abuse and multiple arrests.

“My mother and I had the best conversation yesterday about getting Jace back in the future. Everything is looking up for me!,” she tweeted, adding that she’s been “clean for 2 months”

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  • 1st of all you are no celebrity. Didn’t you learn the 1st time. This will be another baby for your mom to take care of. Shame on you. All you are trying to do is replace Jace. I feel bad for this baby and the baby’s daddy.

    • Anonymous

      She’s a celebrity as long as she’s on a TV show and featured on sites like this one. Celebrity isn’t what it used to be.

  • Laura

    Do Jace have got contact with his father?

  • Ano

    I really, really hope it’s gas.

  • Caroline

    Please CBS, stop writing about these “teen moms”. As long as the press keeps talking about them, they are going to stay relevant, and we reaaally do not need stories like this.

  • Bambi Bittner

    I agree with a previous commenter. I don’t see why these girls are first of all placed on the covers of People magazine and referred to as celebrities. A true celebrity doesn’t get pregnant at 15 and get to be on a TV show exploiting herself. It’s hard work. All the show does is promote young girls to get pregnant in the hopes that they too may land a spot on the show. Where’s the real help in that? I’d rather see the show offer counseling during episodes then just film the blow ups and drama.

    • Kasey1

      Agree one hundred percent. Teen pregnancy is inevitable, and regardless of whether the statistics of teen pregnancy has went down because of MTV or not (I read that somewhere), she is being glamourized. She doesn’t even have custody of the first son she has, she repeatedly chose men, pot, and even Kesha over her poor son and she and this guy have been into it on twitter. Why are they even posting about her? I could possibly, maybe understand someone like Maci, but why is she on this site?

      • Anonymous

        Because just because someone behaves badly, doesn’t make them not a celebrity.

  • Julia


  • Jennifer

    Oh how sad for this baby. Why…why…why Janelle? She is a drug addict, a loser, has bi-polar, never been a loving parent to her son. It’s a real shame. And here she is taking pictures of her baby bump. Trash.

    • Anonymous

      I wish you hadn’t included being bi-polar in the list of awful reasons she shouldn’t be a parent.

      • Emily

        For real. Bipolar doesn’t make anyone less of a good parent. I have 5 children and have bipolar, as does my husband. Our kids are incredibly well raised.

        • SMH

          Can you be on bipolar meds while pregnant? Just curious?

          • Jen

            It depends on the patient and the medication. I was advised to, when I get pregnant, to see a specialist who specializes in psychopharmacology and pregnancy, to make the best decision about that. Research is constantly changing as to this, but in the end the baby has to have a well mama for the baby…making sure of course, that the benefits of being on meds during that time outweigh any risks to the baby.

        • sierra

          For bipolar people who don’t take their medication (like my mother) it is very hard for the children growing up. That may be something you don’t want to pass on to your children…just saying. And yes it can run in families

    • Jen

      There is nothing wrong with having Bipolar. It is very misunderstood and portrayed very negatively by the media. She may just be a temperamental brat! By including that in your post you are contributing to the negative stereotypes that force those of us who have it to deal with your ignorance every day.People with the disease who receive treatment live very productive lives and can be excellent parents. YOU are the one who would make a bad parent if you are that ignorant and especially, that judgmental. (And yes for the record, I can’t stand this girl and no, she should not be a parent).

  • Anonymous

    “she tweeted, adding that she’s been “clean for 2 months”. I hope she’s at least 2 months clean since she’s 2 months pregnant!?

  • Jessica

    Apparently she said she was 6-7 weeks. You do not have a bump that early on! She is further along than she says, I think she just doesn’t want people to know she did heroin while pregnant so she made her due date later to the press.

    • Emily

      You show sooner with each pregnancy. I looked like that at 4 weeks with of mine. It’s especially noticeable on skinnier frames.

  • Zombieee

    She’s just a TV personality, hardly a celebrity.

    • Anonymous

      Nowadays, it’s the same thing.

  • SMH

    I am glad the ladies from teen mom 1 (minus Amber -though she seems to be gettinv better) have their sh*t together!! First Leah now Jenelle? Hmm it may show teen pregnancy dropped from these shows but considering many including those on 16 & pregnant have gotten knocked up again l am not so sure what lessons these girls are supposed to be learning. I do hope Jenelle gets her act together for the sake of Jace & this unborn child but being clean for 2 mos isnt proven much just yet.
    When l watch her on teen mom l cringe. Its not just how she acts but how naiive she is when it comes to everything. Her mom seems like an annoyance but she is raising Jace bc she couldnt so to me no matter how much of a pain in the u know what my mom is l would be kissing her feet for stepping in to help when she could of easily walked away!

    • Anonymous

      They purposely pick the Teen Moms with the drama. I got pregnant at 17, married my boyfriend, had another child 3 years later, graduated from college, my husband started his own business (which he sold 15 years later for a giant-nest-egg sized amount). Our lives were great for 17 years until he died in a freak accident when our girls were 16 and 13.

      Our lives would have never been on their show because we acted responsibly, maturely and rationally to be partners and do the best we could for our baby.

      • Anon

        That’s sad and all, but nobody cares about your way too detailed account of your life.

        • Dana

          Rude much?

        • Louise

          Speak for yourself! I care! Guess you only care for teen moms when they’re celebrities.

          • Louise

            (Sorry, my first reply was meant as a response to Anon, not Dana of course!)

        • Anonymous

          Obviously, you missed the point.

  • Anonymous

    Jenelle, put down the phone and get the door behind you back on its hinges.

    • HAHA!

      LMAO! First thing I noticed as well!

    • Louise

      Well noticed! And how symbolic…

    • sierra

      Lol, I agree. And maybe get some storage for all those products on the sink b4 u take a pic that the whole world can see!

  • the smitty kid

    This pic looks trashy! How is she going to try to take of anyone, when she can’t even take care of herself!

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