Lisa Loeb Debuts Album,Talks Breastfeeding & Birth Stories

We first fell in love with Lisa Loeb and her catchy tune, Stay (I Missed You), in the classic ’90s film Reality Bites. The singer-songwriter – now a mom-of-two with a successful eyewear line – is set to launch her seventh album, No Fairy Tale.

Lisa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her new album of “lyric-based songs” that she’s excited to share with “fans of old and new.” She also talk about her two children – daughter Lyla, 3, and son Emet, 7 months – her breastfeeding and birth stories, and coming up with her unique baby names.

CBS: Tell us about your upcoming seventh album, No Fairy Tale.

LL: “The album is a collection of lyric-based songs that are very energetic, intimate, and immediate sounding. My friend Chad Gilbert, of the band New Found Glory, proposed the idea and wanted to get to work producing the album right away. Although I usually take more time to think things through, this sounded like an exciting idea, so we jumped into the studio to write and record songs for the album.

He also invited Tegan Quin from one of my favorite current bands, Tegan and Sara, to write a couple of songs and sing on the album too. I’m so excited to share the songs with fans old and new.”

CBS: Congratulations on the arrival of your son Emet Kuli. How is he doing? Are you getting any sleep?

LL: “Emet is a really sweet baby: very smiley, personable, and I think he even has a good sense of humor. He laughs when he sees something funny and smiles and tries to reach out and speak when he sees his sister.

He was sleeping through the night and then we got into a bad habit of waking up a few times to eat. Over the last few days, we’ve been able to soothe him instead of eating, and I’m sleeping more now and so is he.”

CBS: How did you come up with the name Emet Kuli?

LL: “‘Emet’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘truth.’ Like his sister’s name, Lyla, which means ‘night’ in Hebrew, but both sound Southern as well, and I’m from Texas. Kuli was my husband’s grandfather’s name; really a nickname given to him when he was a young man. Since he was a very fast soccer player, his friends gave him the nickname based in a Hungarian word, ‘Kulimasz’ which means ‘wheel grease.'”

CBS: Last time we chatted, you said you were hoping for a drug-free birth. Did you have a natural birth with Emet? Please share your birth story. Did it differ from Lyla’s birth?

LL: “I did not have a drug free birth. Just like Lyla, I went as long as I could and then when it was time, I went for the epidural. During both, at a certain point, the contractions were too frequent and strong to go it ‘alone.’

I honestly can’t remember how it differed from Lyla’s – they were both incredible experiences. I think since I’d done it once, it wasn’t as shocking to me how intense it was, and I was quicker to get the partial epidural when it was time for me.”

CBS: Are you breastfeeding? If so, how is that going?

LL: “I’ve been breastfeeding, and it’s going well. Like with Lyla, it definitely started off more painful, and [now] we’ve gotten into a groove. I think it’s so funny (not ‘ha ha’ funny) that people think it’s so natural, but it’s something that has to be learned and studied and practiced. I’m considering some weaning, with all the work travel I have coming up, but it’s not an overnight process.

Also, like with Lyla, I’ve had some mastitis issues, so it’s been important for me to have a lot of support from my doctors as well as a lactation specialist to help figure out how to manage my body properly. [That sounds so technical, but breastfeeding mothers will understand].”

CBS: How has Lyla been adjusting to the new baby?

LL: “Lyla loves her baby brother. She has times when she really needs her mom to herself, but overall, she’s a very great big sister.”

CBS: How do you and your hubby make time for each other amidst a busy household and demanding careers?

LL: “We try to stay organized, utilize our support systems, like our nanny and the grandparents, and communicate. We also try to look at it as a process of learning how to make the right choices as we continue to move forward. We try to have the weekly date night, but it’s not always weekly. It’s a priority, and we have to remind ourselves a lot.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

LL: “Professionally, I’m touring with my album, continuing to work on my eyewear line, and I have an illustrated book with CD coming out in April with Sterling Publishing . It’s songs to move to, and I’ll be out promoting that album as well.

As a parent, well, it’s always something next! We’ve just started solids with Emet, and Lyla has been enjoying preschool and is starting some ballet lessons too.”

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I think her new album No “Fairy Tale” catches my attention.. 😀 But yeah, it is great that she had decided to breastfeed her children. It is the best way to feed them, the milk of the mom isn’t comparable to any other else; it is the most nutritious and healthy food for the baby. So to all mothers out there, feed your babies with your breast milk up to two years and believe me, they will grow strong and healthy.

Just the cover

She seriously shot an album cover wearing her glasses? That’s too bad, makes it appear amateur. If releasing an album, or other form of personalized media content, at least have the sense to make it look professional, she’s trying to market herself for goodness sake.


What the hell is wrong about wearing glasses.
What the hell is professional about not seeing right?

Just the cover
Glasses detract from the subject’s face, this is common sense in photography – particularly in the realm of media promotion (with the obvious exception of promoting eye wear). This is an album cover, a self-promotion of one’s media content, her wearing her normal glasses (she’s worn them on carpet events) just diminishes the professionalism of the album. It looks amateur and cheaply designed, which makes me as the consumer not take her seriously. She could have taken the glasses off for the shoot, worn contacts, etc. Wearing glasses in a self- promotional album is just taking away from the appeal.… Read more »

She is known for her glasses, they are part of her look. She also has an eyewear line, if you bothered to read the article


I would think that it is the sign of a professional photographer to be able to take pictures of someone with glasses on. If glasses are part of your look, as it is the case here, it would be silly to remove them. Half of the people walking past the cover might not recognize her…