Kourtney Kardashian’s Beverly Hills Playdate

Mom-of-two Kourtney Kardashian was photographed with her children – son Mason, 3, and daughter Penelope, 6 months – in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (January 17). With the help of a friend, the reality TV star loaded the kids into the car after leaving a playdate.

Did you hear that latest Kardashian buzz? In anticipation of becoming an aunt, Kourt offered to breastfeed her famous sister, Kim Kardashian‘s, baby on-the-way.

During an appearance on the TODAY show, Kim recalled a conversation she had with Kourtney about the possibility of wet nursing.

“She said to me, ‘One sister should babysit all the kids, so I can go out or vice-versa, and whichever sister is babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids that are there,’” Kim shared.

While Kim was “disgusted” by the idea, she went on to ask Kourtney, “Does that not freak you out?”

Kourtney responded with, “No, it doesn’t,” adding, ”That’s what they did back in the day.”

Kim and her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, expect their first child this July.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI/INFphoto.com

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, not cute at all. Also, those glasses are ridiculous.

    • Sorry, you’re an idiot to say that about an innocent child!
      I think Mason and Penelope are adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Penelope is so cute, she’ s always got that funny little frown of uncertainty. She looks quite a bit like Scott.

  • Lizzie

    I watched the interview where Kourtney said this. She was just telling Kim what women did in the olden days and joked that they could do that, since they both have babies. Right when Kim began to tell the story Kourtney tried stopping her because Kim was making him seem like Kourtney was serious when she was just JOKING.

    Penelope looks like she’s whistling in picture number 1.

  • Anonymous


  • Ella

    If this woman was not on a reality show, there isn’t a mom out there that would say, “Awwwww…so beautiful!” Get REAL

  • Jessica

    She isn’t ugly but she isn’t a beautiful baby either. But I’d definitely say she is getting cuter as she’s growing.

    • Bloopie

      I totally agree with you. She looks average and it’s quite … fine!

  • Anonymous

    She’s average looking. That’s good enough.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Ella. Those are the same people that think Violet Affleck is cute. Once again, if her parents weren’t actors, no one would ever say she’s cute. This baby is not cute and neither is her brother. And that’s the truth.

    • Anonymous

      That’s YOUR opinion, not truth. It doesn’t mean it’s everyone else’s.

  • Anonymous

    If you google ugly celebrity babies, some of them they name are Max Bratman, Harlow Madden, Sadie Sandler, any kid of Charlie Sheens, the Diddy twins, Henry Samuel….it’s pretty accurate.

    • Francesca

      So Google is now in charge of labeling someone’s children as “ugly”? I’m sorry, but I’m gonna go with my BRAIN, not Google and say there are no ugly children whatsoever.

    • A

      Why would someone google ugly celebrity babies?? I mean, how miserable are these people?!

  • Julianna

    I think she has come with some beautiful eyes, I think with some more hair she’s gonna look adorable !

  • Kasey1

    While I would not call her the most beautiful baby in the world, I think she’s quite cute (as I have said before, I don’t find all babies beautiful, but I find them cute, mostly because everything is so tiny, chubby cheeks, etc). However, Kourtney seems like a good mom(minus the whole reality show, putting them on magazines and what not) and Penelope seems very loved. She and Mason look identical and I see a little of Scott in there.

  • ness

    interesting looking baby, me being nice.

  • Crayola

    Sorry I agree w all the ones that say these kids r ugly. I’ve seen cuter dogs. Can u just imagine w Kim’s is gonna look like. Yuck, hopefully it won’t look like kanye he is butt ugly.

    • Wow! That’s so rude! No matter how those children look like or how Kim and Kanye’s baby will look like, all of these kids have and will have a better personality than you!

  • cherysh bradette

    i do agree these kids are ugly!!!! please dont stop using youre birth contro kourtney!!!! is that why she wears such big sunglasses so people dont know its her with the fugly kids!!!! i would stay at home if i was her!!!

  • Elle

    Google Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery. That + Kanye = disaster city. Can’t wait.

  • LaKesha

    All of this criticism for a gorgeous baby, and people wonder why Beyonce won’t let you mother-vultures at her baby.

  • Mary

    Penelope is a very cute baby, she defintely takes after her dad, maybe the eyes but I see more Scott than K in her. I love how she furrows her brows. Maybe she does that every time her granny kris comes near her. Some babies come out perfect and some need time to grow into their beauty, but I think she is a pretty little girl.

  • Anonymous

    I think Mason is a really cute kid; why lump him in with his sister?

  • Josslyn

    Wow; some of you need to show more class, jeez this is a baby for petes sake. She may not be the cutest baby, but if you can’t say anything nice, then why say anything at all?

    • shirley

      Because people are entitled to their own opinion whether you like it or not! We don’t care what you think and what we think of her daughter…..and she is not cute at all and has fat legs!!

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, shirley. People ARE entitled to their own opnions. My opinion is that you are a sad, fat, unhappy cow who goes online to bash the physical appearance of small children because it makes you feel better about your trailer park life.

        • shirley

          And you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about me so you invent this kind of person that you THINK am! What a sad and sick life you lead! And besides the comment posting was about an ugly looking celebrity baby not about me at all!

  • A. Smyth

    I’m sorry, this baby is NOT CUTE. This doesn’t mean the baby won’t be beautiful as an adult, but she is just not cute NOW. Not all babies are cute, you know. Seeing Mason and Penelope is clear evidence that Kourtney and Scott just DO NOT make cute babies.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how that works. And yet Tori and Dean make gorgeous children!

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