Kristen Bell Bares Her Baby Bump

Mom-to-be Kristen Bell shared a sweet snapshot of her dog laying on her bare baby bump via WhoSay.

The actress, 32, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Dax Shepard, is seen resting in bed with her shirt pulled up above her pregnant belly.

“Some people are more excited than others about the baby filling,” she captioned the photo.

The House of Lies star tweeted another photo of her other dog taking a nap on her pregnancy pillow. “The thief absconded with my body pillow . . . then proceeded to act as though nothing was wrong,” she wrote.

“We’re giving the child up for adoption,” Shepard joked to Entertainment Tonight at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

Without missing a beat, Bell said, “If anybody wants it, let us know!”

The wisecracking duo expect their first child this spring.

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Photo credit: WhoSay

  • HDP

    I did quite like Kristen until yesterday – when she started trying to give out parenting advice to everyone with kids BEFORE she’s even given birth to her first child.
    She was ranting on about vaccines, and condemning parents who don’t agree with her opinion – which is just ridiculous. I couldn’t care less what her opinion is, and whether or not I agree with it –
    DON’T dish out parenting advice until you’re ACTUALLY a parent.

    • Veronica

      And that’s why you don “like” her anymore? (I’m not being rude).

      I’m not a parent and I usually comment (just what she was doing) things and tips about parenting. I have enough children around to know a few things. Also, I can’t see the part when she was “condemning parents who don’t agree with her opinion”.

      • HDP

        She also left comments on other peoples tweets, not just on her twitter page.

    • Anonymous

      Vaccinations are a worldwide public health issue. How come you think only parents get an opinion?

      • HDP

        Everyone gets an opinion, and can do things how they feel necessary for their family.
        When a person who has not yet had a child decides to TELL people what they should and shouldn’t be doing with THEIR children, and how if they do the opposite of what THEY think is right then they are not properly caring for their own children – I’m not okay with that.

        Again – until she has kids, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. And even when she DOES have kids, she’ll still have no right to tell other people what they SHOULD be doing.
        And yes, Veronica, this did change my opinion on her type of character, which very much turned me off of her.

        • Anonymous

          It’s not her fault that facts are facts.

          And the fact is, if you don’t vaccinate your children, not only are you NOT properly caring for them, you’re contributing to a potential public health catastrophe.

  • Veronica

    She’s so cute…

  • laura

    Can I just say that this photo is ugly and there was no need to share it?

    • DanSy

      Not really, the doggy is gorgeously sweet! Lol

    • Anonymous

      Ugly? There’s nothing ugly about it.

      • laura

        Yeas, it is, because we don’t even see her face, it’s not cute or anything, there’s no nice setting, no nice composition.. We just see a belly that pops out of bedsheets, with a stained t-shirt and the face of a dog.. I mean, we have digital cameras so that we can keep the nice pics and erase the ones that do not come out so well..
        This is not a judgement about her, I think she’s nice, but this photo is pointless.. It’s a little bit annoying, if you want to share something with the world at least let it be a nice pic..

        • Anonymous

          “if you want to share something with the world at least let it be a nice pic”

          How come that rule doesn’t apply to you? If you want to share something with the world at least let it be a nice comment.

  • joanna

    One for the family album, not the whole world, I would have thought…

  • anon

    I think the pic is cute, and animals definitely can sense when you are pregnant. Its pretty amazing. And yeah, everyone is entitled to an opinion regarding vaccinations.

  • T

    I don’t know where you idiots come up with the idea that is a picture of Kristen Bell. All I see is a fat belly. It could be a pic of anybody’s fat belly. It might not even be a woman’s belly at all. To make it even worse some of you are arguing over that which is not even superficially self evident. Very lame indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Kristen Bell posted the photo. It’s of HER dog. Why would it not be of HER belly, too?

      Talk about idiots…………………

  • angie

    This is the kind of photo that you show to family and friends – not the whole world.

    • anon.

      Wake up, Angie. This is a major celebrity with legions of fans who need to know what she’s been up to. What she had for lunch, when she had her last bowel movement etc. If there wasn’t a “need” , the site wouldn’t pay good money to acquire the photos.

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