Report: Jessica Simpson Is Expecting A Boy

Is Jessica Simpson buying blue?

According to reports, the pregnant star and her fiance Eric Johnson are expecting a boy!

“It’s Jessica’s dream come true, she prayed she was having a boy,” a source tells “She found out this week after a check-up at the doctor, who asked her if she wanted to know the sex of the baby. Jessica immediately said yes and when the doctor told her it was a boy she screamed with joy.”

The insider adds that Jessica is thrilled that her 8-month-old daughter Maxwell will soon have a baby brother: “She was so happy that Maxwell is getting a little brother because that’s something she always wanted when she was growing up.”

The expectant mom has another project keeping her busy these days as well – it was announced this week that she’ll be starring in a new sitcom based on her own life.

“We don’t have a name yet,” Jessica said. “We’re just now in the process of casting everyone, doing the pilot. I will be playing myself but we’ll have actors playing Eric and my dad. That’ll be funny.”

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  • Sweetpea

    And what’s his name gonna be, Emily?

  • tia

    Since they gave their girl her fathers second name, they should give their son his mothers second name: ann.

    isnt it wonderful a boy named Ann??



  • Hi mom

    Perfect one of each and Maxwell is pretty.

    • Marilyn

      Maxine would have been better as it’s a girl’s name.

    • shirley

      How can you tell if Maxwell is pretty with that plug in her mouth?? That’s pretty??

      • Bloopie

        Wait what? Is your comment serious?

        • shirley

          Ooooh….touched a nerve did I? What was so wrong with my comment? Couldn’t handle the truth and didn’t like it? Well too bad, but she does have a pluggy dummy in her mouth…..and how pretty looking is that?

      • Angela

        Really? You’re going to choose to comment on the use of a soother?

        Clearly you do not have children if you call it a “plug” and are so adamantly against them. The use of soothers is very beneficial to babies. Not only does it help soothe them and offer comfort, it’s a known fact that they significantly decrease the odds of SIDS.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the name will be ridiculous. The Simpson sisters are clueless when it comes to picking names. Then again, they’re clueless with anything they do.

    • Anonymous

      Except making money. THAT they do very well.

  • Shana

    Aww congrats! I have one of each. Plus boys are so much fun!!!

  • Kasey1

    Cool, one of each. To the person who said “what are they going to name him Emily?”, hahaha that gave me a nice chuckle for the day, thanks. I thought the same thing 😉

  • please they need to have a masculine name for a baby boy not girl names

  • An33

    If it is a boy, he’ll probably look just like Bronx.

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