Kim Kardashian Jets Out Again

Kim Kardashian was seen stepping out of her house in Beverly Hills, Calif. to make her way to the airport on Thursday (January 17).

The mom-to-be wore a tan trench coat over her black outfit. Earlier in the day she went to the gym and had a manicurist meet her at the property.

The day before Kim and her sister Kourtney appeared on David Letterman’s show in New York City. Kim was asked about baby names.

She said, “We’re not sure yet,” adding that she and Kanye still “have to think about” whether they’ll give their future son or daughter a ‘K’ name to carry on her family’s tradition.

“I have to discuss that with my boyfriend to see where we are. But we’ll keep the name private, I think, whenever we decide.”

She added, “[I don’t] want my career to overshadow the love in my life.”


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  • Suggestion?

    CBS should consider a poll to assess the level of interest for posts on Kim Kardashian. Something tells me the results would be overwhelmingly in favour of a Kim-free zone.

    • annie

      I have been thinking the exact same thing! There seem to be so much people who’d rather be rid of all the Kim posts.. I’m amazed CBS still keeps posting them, seeing as the majority don’t like it.
      I mean, sure it’s their website and they can post whatever they like, but you should really consider your readers’ choice a little

      • LaKesha

        Kim elicits so much more interest (i.e. comments), whether positive or negative, than anyone else, that’s why she’s here.

  • Emma

    I love Kim and therefore love reading about her. I think although most people on here don’t seem to like her, people like to comment on her so this site will probably continue posting about her.

    • Anonymous

      Do you mind if I ask what you *love* about her? I’m serious, and not trying to be sarcastic. I’m genuinely interested in what this woman has ever done to be so interesting to other people because I just don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    Sure people post about her but 99% is negative and most people can’t stand her or what she stands for.

  • Sandra

    Okay now really, how long is she going to keep wearing these skin tight clothes trying to keep her stomach from popping out of them? Sorry there Kim, but you are going to need to start wearing clothes that aren’t painted onto your body! These tight clothes aren’t going to last very long! You’re getting fat!! LOL!

  • Dee

    Please Go Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of this (insert *****) already!!!!

  • lena

    i kinda like her… i wish her the best 🙂

    • Nicole

      I wish her the best. Heck, I’d wish just about anyone the best. I don’t wish her any harm but I don’t like her and I don’t want to hear about her day in and day out. I think she’s very selfish and very spoiled. She has no concept of an honest dollar. I just can’t imagine her or Kanye being stay at home parents or parents willing to sacrifice anything for their child. They’re both too self absorbed which leads me to believe this kid will be raised by nannies. I’m just sick of seeing her face plastered everywhere. She’s famous for having a sex tape. She may be a decent person but she’s not relevant.

      • Anon

        You never know. I thought the same thing about Nicole Richie and she turned out to be a wonderful mother.

  • Zar55

    I like her, kinda. but you still can’t see her bump, so posts like this are very boring!

    • Sue

      I agree with the BORING!!! Less of this person please!!!!

  • A. Smyth


  • Katherine

    I have a feeling that she’s not going look the standard definition of “pregnant.” Based on where she seems to be gaining weight, I’m guessing she’s going to just look like she’s put on weight and her buns and chest are going to get bigger. That said, she’s not relavant and I would not feel cheated in the slightest if CBS cut their posts to once a week.

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