Alyson Hannigan and Satyana: Beauty Time

Alyson Hannigan spent a relaxing time getting beauty treatments with Satyana in Los Angeles, Calif. two weeks ago. On Monday (January 7) the pair were seen getting pampered at a nail salon where both got mani pedis.

Satyana, almost 4, looked like she was enjoying getting her toes painted.

The actress told People last month there is no sibling rivalry between Satyana and Keeva, 8 months.

She said, “The other day [Satyana] was hugging [Keeva] so hard I was like, ‘I think her head might pop off.’ I don’t want to be like, ‘Ooh!’ because I don’t want her to have a complex about her sister. But I’m like, ‘Oh you know, I don’t know if she can really breathe right now! That might just be a little too hard,’ and Keeva’s just as happy as [can be]. It’s so great.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Mary

    Such a beautiful happy little girl!

  2. Gladys

    She is so adorably cute and so happy!

  3. Normal

    Paint your own toes Alyson and perhaps take your kid on an outing that won’t instill a sense of spoilt entitlement.

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