Carla Facciolo Debuts 3rd Season Of ‘Mob Wives’

In the third season of Mob Wives, Carla Facciolo says the audience will see her sticking up for herself and “moving on” in her life. And while she’s not well acquainted with the latest cast member, Love Majewski, the mother-of-two says costar Renee Graziano isn’t too fond of the “new girl.”

Carla opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her 10-year-old twins Joe and Carmen who are both “getting into movies and modeling.” She goes on to talk about her celebrity wine club and her upcoming projects.

CBS: Tell us about what we can expect in the third season of Mob Wives.

CF: “A lot of new thing coming up. A new cast member, new stories  and of course lots of drama and excitement. I finally get to stick up for myself!  Hopefully they show me moving on in my life as I am.”

CBS: Tell us about the newest cast member, Love Majewski. What can we expect from you both this season?

CF: “Don’t know too much about the new girl — she’s friends with all the other ladies. But I remember Renee not liking her too much.”

CBS: Tell us about your twins Joe and Carmen. How old are they? What are they into?

CF: “My twins are 10 and they’re doing great! My daughter is very into her dancing and my son plays football. But recently I have them getting into movies and modeling . It’s something they both wanted to do.”

CBS: Tell us about your career in wine.

CF: “I have my own wine club, Wines by Wives. It’s a celebrity wine club that I’m doing. Each month I get to pick out new bottles of wine from all over the world. And what’s so great about it is that with every purchase, I give back to one of my favorite charities, Autism Speaks.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

CF: “Been working on a few thing such as a healthy cookbook with amazing chef David Greco, and a few other things. Hope I get to share them with everyone soon.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Carla Facciolo

  • dianne brooks

    I must have missed a show. But why is Carla on the outs with the other ladies?

    • Sheshopsalot

      I don’t get it either. I love Carla and she was never the trouble maker and now it’s like everyone is against her. She had Drita’s back all these years and was friends with everyone. What happened is news to me. It had to be more than her supposedly saying things about Rene. Rene is the bread and butter, I don’t think any of them want to be cut from a show that has changed all of their lives. Carla and Rene were tight in the beginning. She tried to bond with everyone and maintain peace for Drita. Now Drita needs to do the same for her. It’s like a section is missing that doesn’t add up.

  • Janine

    Carla and Drita are my favorite cast members. The only two that are not half wit, obnoxious , psychopaths.

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