Connie Britton Confesses Her Mommy Guilt

Nashville star Connie Britton is head over heels with her “most incredible” 2-year-old son Yoby. She admits, though, that motherhood does bring its challenges – like mommy guilt!

“I didn’t really fully comprehend the level of guilt involved [with being a mom],” she tells PEOPLE. “I like to pride myself on not being a person who really functions at a level of guilt, and yet, man, I never knew I could feel so guilty when I work 16 hours and I really don’t get to spend enough time with my son. It’s awful.”

It may not always be easy, but Connie, 45, has absolutely no regrets: “I have the most incredible kid and we’re having a great time,” she gushes, adding that she “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Not only that, but she has her sights set on giving her son a sibling.

“I would love more kids. Sure, why not? Bring it on.”

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  • Anon

    She ADOPTED a black baby that is no way hers. She’s not a mother!

  • Carrie

    @ Anon.. What is wromg with you? Who says something like that?

    • musiclover

      Anon is just some troll trying to start something. Just ignore her.

    • What a tool

      You asked who says something like that Carrie?: A nasty little bottom-feeder, that’s who!

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with people who adopt babies…. then spend 16 hours a day away from them.


  • Anonymous9

    If you spend 16 hours a day away from your tiny kid on a regular basis, you should feel guilty.

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