Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry’s Pretty Preschooler

Academy Award-winning Halle Berry was seen dropping off her 4-year-old daughter Nahla at preschool in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (January 17). On their way to class, Nahla sat down while her famous mother carried her backpack and sweater.

Looking every bit the protective papa, Gabriel Aubry was later seen picking up their gorgeous girl after class.

The day before, we saw the father-daughter duo on the school run.

In early December, we spotted the pretty preschooler with her father on her way to class. That marked the first time we saw the pair reunited after the brutal brawl in November.

Recently, the Monster’s Ball actress, 46, and her model ex, 37, “reached an amicable agreement” over the care of their daughter, Berry’s attorney Blair Berk stated after a hearing in Los Angeles.

The settlement came one week after the physical altercation between Aubry and Berry’s fiancé, actor Olivier Martinez, at Berry’s California home on Thanksgiving Day. Following the fight, an emergency protective order was put in place.

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  • LaKesha

    Beautiful girl!

  • mama2

    Mommy showing her off for paps to get a clean pic… Daddy protecting her… Way I see it, as mom gets older we’ll be seeing a lot more of Nahla so she can stay relevant in the media world, cause we know the acting world ain’t what it used to be and people are not falling for the victim song anymore. Can’t hide your true color that long without crashing and burning eventually. With that said, little Nahla looks beautiful and serene like she’s waiting for daddy to come pick her up. awwww

    • Anonymous

      mama2…….get over yourself. And when was Gabe’s last modeling gig? He’s NOT in great demand recently. So Halle needs to financially support his lazy ash! He needs to get a modeling job, or do something else to make a living. The courts won’t make her support him forever.

      • mama2

        Guess Halle and nasty Olivier forgot to think about that when they decided to attack him and beat him up. He’s a model.. Helloooooo!!! That’s how he makes a living and they went for his money maker and now seems to be bitchin about paying child support… Where’s the rational in this ??? So yeah “Berry’s PR.. I mean Anonymous.. I mean Halle..” It’s easy to say get a job when they attacked him and then tried to portrait him has the bad guy. Can’t have it both ways.

      • Mia003

        I totally agree with everything Anonymous said.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. When did Halle Berry piss in your corn flakes? You have a serious problem.

    • debsanz

      Agree with Mama 2 100%!!!!!!

  • Sharon

    If both parents put their difference aside for this little girl..everyone’s happy

  • liz

    i love her skirt and leggings.

  • the other Liz

    Why is it generally the same people say the same stuff on these sites. let’s hope her parents can get it or keep it together long enough for their child’s sake. RE: last time model boy worked—was a couple of Hugo Boss and few other campaigns. Think someone on Halle’s imdb page posted something. Anyway, Nahla is a cute almost 5 year old. The best to all.

    • Mia003

      Yeah that was a looooong time ago. He is old now in the modeling world and dosn’t work at all. Halle has to his support his butt because he begged that court so he could sit on his butt all day while she works her butt off taking care of him and everything.

  • Nicole

    She’s so pretty !!I just wish everything will be fine to her

  • Kasey1

    Awww, little Nahla is my favorite, she’s just so beautiful!

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