Happy 13th Birthday Ming Lee Simmons!

Name: Ming Lee Simmons

Parents: Kimora Lee Simmons & Russell Simmons

Date of Birth: January 21, 2000

Siblings: Aoki Lee Simmons, 10, & Kenzo Lee Hounsou, 3


♥ Her dad co-founded both the Phat Farm fashion label and Def Jam Recordings

♥ Her godmother is Tyra Banks

♥ She often appeared on mom’s reality show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane

♥ Her mom started modelling when she was just 13

♥ Her parents split in 2006, but have maintained a close friendship

♥ Her mom married actor Djimon Hounson in Africa in 2008 but the couple have currently separated


“My family is very healthy. We try to be very healthy with complex carbs, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. We try to eat organic, not a lot of dairy, so they’re into the rice milk and the almond milk and a lot of legumes. They’re really healthy kids.”- mama Kimora on her “healthy” kiddos.

“We are the best of friends. And that’s very helpful to the girls.” – papa Russell on his relationship with his ex.

“My family is the most important thing to me. I’ve never missed any type of performance—not one recital, not one karate belt. If there’s a toe being tapped or a tune being whistled, I am there.” – Kimora on making time for family.

“I tell them that their job as they become more famous is to use their celebrity to help others. Use their good benefit, if it’s money, to benefit others. And that that’s gonna make them happy, and that any hoarding, holding onto anything will result in sadness and they believe me, I think. So, that’s a constant discussion.” – Russell on teaching his girls to give back.

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  • oboh fav

    first of all i will like for you to continue to give your kids healthy stuffs, it will help a lot. Secondly i will like to say do not be proud and know your GOD very well and also move your children closer to GOD cause he’s our father and he always helps and protects us,lastly loved your show kimora life in the fab lane

  • Félicitation et tous que je pourrai dire c est ke kenzo est trop mignon!!!!!!!

  • Jesus Marc Nathaniel Mays

    Hello Kimora, Ming, Aoki, and kenzo, I could not resist dropping you a line of communication! I’m here in Detroit, Michigan, where we met originally, back in 1985! I’m working The Presidential Sting, as an Executive Federal Government, Under Cover Agent! My jurisdiction of law is Sovereign Nation, International Law! Kimora, who I am to Ming, Aoki, and Kenzo, makes President Barack Obama, their Uncle! Be sure that they atleast know the truth about that, please! I love yawl and will see yawl when this case goes to Federal Court in 2014! Thank You, KImora, the children look great, and are very well taken care of! Shout out at Russell, if you will! When I did the role call for Young Boys Incorperated, Soul-Sonic Force, I didn’t say his name!

  • Jesus Marc Nathaniel May$

    Hello Kimora Lee, once again, 6/11/14! I want you, to know that I definetly want for you, too write a book that clearly explains everything, that is “Our Personally known Truth”! The Electronic, & Print News Media, will certainly Appreciate it! Thank You, in Advance.

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