Michael Jackson’s Doctor Hints At Prince Jackson’s Paternity

Although the late iconic superstar Michael Jackson has always claimed paternity of his three children Prince, 15, Paris, 14 and 10-year-old Blanket, it hasn’t stopped the perpetual swirling of rumors that he used a sperm donor.

According to TMZ, it seems Michael’s former dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein appears to be alluding to the fact that he’s the biological father of Prince – posting a picture on his Facebook page on Thursday showing a side-by-side comparison of Prince and a younger Dr. Klein and writing,  “hmmmmm.”

During a interview with Diana Sawyer on Good Morning America shortly after Michael’s passing, Dr. Klein denied paternity of the Jackson siblings.

“To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children,” he says. “I can’t answer it in any other way. I don’t want to feed any of this insanity that is going around.”

It seems that the dermatologist was rumored to have fathered both Prince and Paris because Michael met his ex-wife Debbie Rowe – who gave birth to his two oldest children – when she worked for Dr. Klein at his office.

Michael’s youngest son Blanket was born to anonymous surrogate.

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  • Anonymous

    Well we all know that Michael is NOT the biological father of Prince or Paris.

  • May

    That’s so rude of him. Forget the biological father, Michael Jackson was his dad, and he will always be. Besides, how’s this any of his business?

  • Anonymous

    Michael is not their biological father but agree he was their father. He raised them and loved them.

  • AvaElizabeth

    I agree with May.

    I don’t know if Jackson is the biological father of his kids, but I thought some days before that I see Michael in Prince.

    At the pic from the doctor I really don’t see them being look-a-like. Almost the same hairstyle, nothing else.

    hmmm… good idea!
    Should go to see the hairdresser and want hairs like Jennifer Aniston <3 Am I her look-a-like then, too? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    A dark skinned black man cannot make 2 very white looking kids, come on people. Michael, you are NOT the father.

    • LaKesha

      Are you a geneticist?

    • meghan

      Look at the Jackson Five era Michael. He was NEVER a light skinned black person. His complexion was light to medium at best.

      • meghan

        I meant to say he was never dark skinned. His complexion was always fairly light. And it’s not common but dark skinned people can have very light kids. Genetics are quirky things

        • Anonymous

          His complexion was NEVER light. Look at “The Wall”.

          • meghan

            Do you mean “off the wall”? He was medium to light skinned.

  • LaKesha


  • Anonymous

    I don’t know enough about Michael Jackson to know if he ever claimed to be the ‘biological’ parent of these children, but presuming that Michael Jackson adopted these children legally (and I have no idea if he did or didn’t), he is their father. Period. No discussion.

    No one questions the paternity of Katherine Heigl’s children. Or Hugh Jackman’s.

    Leave these kids alone already. It’s not bad enough that they have NO parents?!??!

  • meghan

    He is the father they loved and that is all that matters. Why would this guy want to upset these children by discussing these things publicly?

  • Anonymous

    Dark skin people can have light skin kids but not WHITE kids. If you people really think Miichael is the biological father, then you need your heads examined.

    • meghan

      Michael was never dark skinned. Look at him during the Jackson Five era. He was medium complected at best. Maybe you need your eyes examined.

  • A. Smyth

    I don’t know, if I was them I would want to know who my real father was – this wouldn’t mean that they would love Michael any less.

  • Jeff

    Lakesha: I’m not sure you’re aware of this in your obviously close-minded, blindly-biased world, but African Americans, like people of all other races, ARE capable, and sometimes guilty of the things people accuse them of. Based on your frequent bent toward African American apologetics, I thought maybe I should point that out to you.

  • Noinin

    I think Prince clearly looks like Arnold Klein. Especially the eyes and nose. I have been convinced he was the sperm donor since Prince’s face was revealed. Paris I don’t know, she looks a lot like Debbie Rowe but not like anybody else. It doesn’t really matter though, that makes him a sperm donor and her a surrogate, and not parents!

  • A.

    Michael Jackson Bought those kids .

    • Anonymous

      Lots of people “buy” their kids. So what?

    • Meg

      Lots of people pay thousands of dollars in attorney fees to adopt or pay some surrogate to carry their child. Michael was the legal father, no adoption necessary. He was those children’s legal father. He didn’t pay for them. He paid Debbie Rowe in their divorce, but that’s not the same thing. Besides, even if he did pay Debbie in return for being the sole legal parent, that just goes to show you how much he loved those kids, and IMO, that’s pretty awesome. Can’t say all men would do the same thing for their children. Michael clearly raised some pretty great kids. They are all well-spoken and polite in interviews, and above all else, they are NORMAL children.

  • Meg

    Considering Prince has vitiligo, I believe he’s Michael’s son. I don’t see any resemblance to Arnold Klein, unless you count hair color. Neither Klein nor Rowe have full lips, dark brown eyes or vitiligo. Klein has brown eyes, yes, but not that dark. I don’t judge a person’s race by their skin color or their hair texture, because it is 2013. I’ve seen children fairer and blonde that are biracial. It’s possible.

    Even if Michael wasn’t the biological father, I don’t know why people have to pick at these kids’ paternity. At the end of the day, Michael raised them, and he’s the only father they ever had and ever will have.

    • Coolion

      There are zero african american features on him…

    • Rachael Jones

      well said and plus i think these kids have been through enough there dad died, people need to leave them alone and let them get on with there life it must be hard for them to see and hear stuff like this what the doctor is saying i mean they’ve grown up there whole lives knowing and callin michael daddy cos thats what he was, i mean he was at the hospital when they where born he cried when they where born Debbie said in an interview she also said michael was 100% the biological father she said you can see it in the kids faces, and she said the love those kids have for there father is unconditional x

  • dalia

    It’s so obvious that Jackson bought those children from Klein. The biggest black icon did not want black children. What a joke.

  • rachael jones

    tbh people need to learn to research more BIRACIAL, sophoa ritchie, nicole ritchie, mariah carey, mariahs children, quincey jones’s daughter are all biracial it is possible they are his bio kids tbh look at michael when he was.little and theb look at his kids they look alike especially blanket. and prince looks like michaels grandfather and plus debbiehas spoke out in an interview she said they are 100percent biologically michaels children youtube it please. i mean come on if your gunna lie please have the correct info first lol as mj fans would say Fuck the press michael your the best lo. come back with betyer lies next time jheez people need to research x

    • anaoo

      Sofia Richie does not look white. She is not much lighter than Lionel Richie and looks just like him in the face. Mariah Carey does not look like a white person, neither does any of her children. Quincy Jones is mixed himself, his daughter is more than half white and you can tell she is mixed. All his other children are visibly mixed. Michael Jackson pops out two white kids and a Latino? Ridiculous. That doesn’t happen. You sound so foolish.

  • rachael jones

    oh yeah and put yourself in though kids shoes think how they must feel dont you think theyve sufferd ebough i mean it was the press fault mj did drugs the lies you made up about him you drove him to his death and now you makin shit up about his kids jheez somepeople have no lives z

  • Leslie

    I don’t know who their father is, but I can’t see Prince and Paris being the children of Dr. Klein and Debbie Rowe. They’re not pale enough. Michael had gotten so pale that they were even quite a bit darker than him.

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