Tori Spelling’s Football Star: “I’m A Sports Guy”

In a recent post on, mama-of-four Tori Spelling shared the above snapshot of her eldest boy Liam, 5, outfitted in his football gear and ready to start his game.

“Liam recently got involved in organized sports.,” she writes. “First basketball and now flag football. He loves it so much and the games give me an excuse to bake! Win-win for both of us!”

“After his last game he was drinking Gatorade from a sports bottle and he said, ‘Mom, I need to drink my Gatorade. Because I’m a sports guy. We gotta stay hydrated!'”

Tori continues to share that Liam is learning many important social lessons as a result of being part of an organized sports team.

“My little guy is making new friends, learning how to be a team player, and is gaining so much confidence as a newfound “Sports Guy”!” she proudly writes.

“It’s so fun to watch him play, and melts my heart to see how proud he is when he scores a touchdown or makes a basket.”

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  • alo


    I wonder why you never put pictures of maddie, jamie lynn spears daughter, who post a photo this weekend maddie who plays American football.

    it looks like you preferences.

    thank you

  • Mary

    Liam is so darn cute, funny little man. I wish Bill Cosby could interview him like in the old days of kids say the darndest things. It would be a hilarious match.

  • anonymous

    Mary sounds like Tori in “disguise”, same writing style and the only person who refers to little as a cute funny “little man.” I think the kid is fresh, bratty and unattractive, like a real Spelling!

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