Chris Pratt: “We’re Lucky Parents”

During a Tuesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, proud new dad Chris Pratt promoted his Oscar-nominated film Zero Dark Thirty and gushed about his 5-month-old son Jack with wife, fellow actor Anna Faris.

“It’s been really amazing,” the Parks and Recreation actor, 33, gushed of fatherhood. “You know, Anna and I both lead very fortunate lives. We’re both actors. We’ve been able to do really cool things, meet neat people and go cool places…So there’s not that much left that really excites you, where you’re like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that.'”

He went on to share the joys of fatherhood.

“[To a baby], everything is a first. Everything is a brand new experience,” he said. “The first time they realize that the sound they’re hearing is the thing that they’re seeing is an experience for them, and I’m reliving all the firsts all over again: the first time he recognizes the first laugh or me, or the first taste of something sweet.”

The actor brought along a photo of baby Jack “passed out in front of the TV” and a video of his son sucking on a lemon. “It’s his first fruit and it’s his first prank we ever played on him,” Chris laughed.

“He doesn’t know if he likes it or not,” said Ellen. “That is a precious baby.”

The proud dad agreed: “We’re certainly lucky parents.”

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Photo credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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    ‘we have fortunate lives, there’s not that much left that really excites you’ – is he kidding or is he on Mars? Is it a misprint? No one could be that spoilt, pretentious, to quote Ally McBeal – ‘rich bXtch, elitist snob, on a good day!

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