Nell McAndrew: “I Haven’t Bought Anything For The Baby Yet”

Joining the ranks of Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson, 39-year-old model Nell McAndrew shows off her bare maternity figure in the pages of Now magazine. In an accompanying interview, Nell opens up about two previous miscarriages and her cautious excitement over her current pregnancy.

Nell tragically lost her first child back in 2005 when her unborn baby was diagnosed with amniotic band disorder – which occurs when tissue that should be protecting the fetus forms around it and disrupts growth. With a miscarriage inevitable and under her doctor’s advice, Nell and her husband Paul Hardcastle decided to terminate the pregnancy.

She goes on to discuss suffering a second miscarriage only one year ago.

“I was six weeks gone and Paul and I were both looking forward to our new arrival,” she recalls. “It was terribly sad. I held it together in the surgery but had a good cry outside in the car, where my mum was waiting for me.”

“We tried to rationalize it that sometimes things just aren’t meant to be,” she continues. “And that maybe losing the baby was my body’s way of saying, ‘Sorry, not this time.'”

Nell – who is also mama to 6-year-old son Devon – became pregnant with her current child as soon as she and Paul begun trying last year but claims she is still too “superstitious” to prepare for the birth – despite being just weeks away from welcoming her second child into the world.

“With only eight weeks to go, I haven’t bought a single thing for my new baby yet,” he admits. “Partly because I’m superstitious and partly because I’m so busy. But I’m finally starting to allow myself to get excited.”

As a keen marathon runner, Nell faced criticism over her choice to run six miles a day throughout her pregnancy, as well as attending twice-weekly gym sessions.

“It doesn’t sound like a lot to me because I used to run up to 90 miles a week when I was marathon training,” she says. “But some people who saw me out running would stop me and say, ‘Should you be doing that in your condition?’ and there was online comments about me being selfish towards my baby.”

“I’ve done a lot of research and it’s proven that exercise, if you’re already used to it, is really beneficial for the health of your baby,” she concludes.

Nell reveals he is already thinking about adding to her brood.

“Hopefully our baby will be a fresh start for us and complete our family,” she says.” Although saying that, I’m enjoying my pregnancy so much that I’m wondering if I might have another baby quite soon after this one.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Now magazine

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