Rosie O’Donnell’s Darling Dakota

Rosie O’Donnell keeps sharing adorable photos of her daughter Dakota. This week in a collage of snapshots – the baby is seen sleeping and cuddling up to her wife Michelle Rounds.

In the picture where Dakota is wearing colorful polka dot sleeves Rosie writes: “Dax snoozing on mishs dad”

The little one is already watching TV too. Rosie tells fans via Instagram: “Dakota watching cyndi laupers new show on WE”

Rosie also raises Parker, 17, Chelsea, 15, Blake, 13, and Vivienne, 10 – her daughter with ex-wife Kelli Carpenter.


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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Hannah.J

    Who in their right mind would give this couple a baby, Rosie has had a heart attack and Michelle has suffered from cancer recently I believe in my personal opinion that because of their celebrity status and that they have money they got special treatment if this was any other couple they would have been denied adoption due to health reasons. It’s not fair couples who are healthy have waited years to have a baby then celebrity couples come in and take that away from them.

  • Anonymous

    Well, even if one doesn’t agree with your comments about their health and her age being an issue, the fact that they got a baby in just a few months is rather depressing for young married couples that have been on waiting list for a newborn for years. I guess being a celebrity puts you in the express lane for everything.

    • Pippa

      How do you know that they got the baby “in just a few months”? Did she say so? Just curious. That’s lame if it’s true. Shame on her.

      Also, did Rosie say that the baby was adopted? Maybe she was a surrogate? Didn’t they go that route before, with one of their other kids? I am just curious about it – not being snarky to your comment.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. She talked all about it on her blog. Baby was adopted. The birth mom chose Rosie and her wife right away. Before that, Rosie’s wife was trying IV treatments, which caused her to get stomach tumors – which were removed over the summer. Rosie said something about “knowing” people in the adoption business.

        • Pippa

          Thanks for the info. That’s really discouraging for all us normal people.

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