Samantha Brown & Husband Welcome Twins: Ellis & Elizabeth

Congratulations – times two! – to Travel Channel host Samantha Brown and her husband Kevin O’Leary.

The 43-year-old Great Weekends star shared their happy news on Facebook, writing, “The babies are here! Please welcome Ellis James 6lbs10ozs and Elizabeth Mae 5lbs12ozs. Everyone is healthy and doing great! Pics soon!”

The babies, the couple’s first, arrived in Brooklyn, New York on January 17.

Samantha has no plans to slow down now that she’s mom: “We are so happy with the birth of our beautiful twins,” she tells PEOPLE. “I will be going back on the road as soon as we can, so baby passports here we come!”

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  • arabella

    Love the name Elizabeth and Ellis

  • Sandra

    This woman looks like a young Martha Stewart! I thought it was her at first and then I noticed the big belly! LOL!

  • sierra

    I don’t understand how people give birth at 43. Why?

    • gavin

      Uh, because they want to be parents. What a stupid question.

  • hopper

    Awsome! So Happy for Samantha and her Husband . Well done 6 lbs and 5lbs. that is hard to do.Congratulations!

  • Ashley

    Boring names!
    Seeing Ellis written is fine but out loud sounds too similar to Alice, too feminine for me!

    • edeilo

      …says an Ashley. Ha.

  • Elle

    they’ll both be called Ell for short, someone had mommy brain when they picked the names!

    • edeilo

      You do realize that there are a good dozen or more nicknames for Elizabeth. She could be Beth, Liza, Liz, Betsy, Betty, Lizbeth, Bess, Buffy…etc.

      I have never met an Ellis who shortened his name.

    • Anonymous

      Who on earth has EVER called an Elizabeth “Ell” for short??

      I have NEVER heard anyone do that (and my sister is an Elizabeth!!).

  • Shelly

    You are in for a world of love! Congratulations! You did everything right Samantha. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom with such a love for the world, and a fun- loving sense of humor. I wish you ALL the best!

  • lisa lerch (GROH)

    Congrats! I just talked to aunt judy last night and she said everybody is doing fine.She also said she’s coming up with louise and going back with your mom in a few days.I wish you all the best!

  • Marie


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