Tori Spelling Shares Her Family New Year’s Adventure

In Part 1 of Part 2, mama-of-four Tori Spelling recently shared numerous family photos of her New Year’s vacation and quest to find snow on

“Over the holiday break, the kids begged to go see snow,” she writes. “Never a mom to disappoint (and secretly craving an excuse to bust out my faux fur infinity scarf) I began researching.”

“Well, as any large family knows, it take planning to coordinate and reserve a place to stay for New Year’s, and should usually be done way in advance,” she continues. “Lake Arrowhead (2 hour drive from LA) Booked! Mammoth (4.5 hour drive from LA) Booked! Lake Tahoe (8 hours driving time) Bingo!

It seems as though hubby Dean McDermott was on board.

“It didn’t even take batting my eyelashes (much) to convince my hubby that him driving 4 kids on a 8 hour tour sounded like a good idea,” Tori writes. “I love how game he always is to my impromptu and passionate ideas! He’s the Ricky to my Lucy. So, a couple days before New Year’s The McDermotts hit the open road. Here we go…”

“So far, our New Year’s trip was off to a great start!” Tori concludes. “The kids loved being in the snow, and it was so much fun to have our whole family together for a mini vacation.”

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  • Mary

    Beautiful family all five children are just adorable.

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