Did Adele Reveal Her Son’s Name?

British popstar Adele has remained mum on her newborn sons’s name. But has she revealed the moniker via fashionable mommy jewelry?

While shopping at baby boutique Bel Bambini in Hollywood, Calif. on Monday (January 21), the Golden Globe-winner was spotted wearing a gold necklace featuring the name “Angelo.”

Did the Someone Like You singer reveal her little angel’s name?

“I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me… I am enjoying him on my own,” the new mom, 24, recently said of her nearly 3-month-old son.

The singer welcomed her first-born child with her beau, Simon Konecki, on October 19, 2012.

The British musician mentioned her boys at the recent Golden Globe Awards, where she took home the trophy for Best Original Song for Skyfall.

“Very strange to be here, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your world for a night, it’s amazing – and we’ve been pissing ourselves laughing!” she shared. “I’d like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press, I never thought I’d say that. And this is for my boyfriend who convinced me to do it … and my lovely son. Thank you so much.”

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Lisa E

i don’t get it – why is she keeping the name a secret ? Strange…


I don’t get why she has to reveal it.


Why is it strange?? She’s trying to protect her son from all the millions of fans and crazy fans out there. I’m sure eventually she will say it, but I don’t see why she needs to. It would probably help so the paps don’t sit there and scream the child’s name as a child. A bunch of men yelling your child’s name for pictures is scary for a LO. Good for Adele for keeping a bit private’

I don’t see why it’s any of anyones business. People can be naturally curious, yes, but it’s an invasion of privacy for people to pry and feel it their right to know the name or see the face. She has a gift she shares with the world and because of that I don’t believe her privacy should be null and void. Celebrity status should go back to the way it was in old hollywood. You might see a celebrity child with a parent but every move wasn’t made the publics business, they weren’t hounded by paparazzi. They are still normal… Read more »

Angelo sounds a bit Latino for someone like Adele to choose. She is probably wearing it to throw off the paps and get a laugh out of it.


I don’t think I understand your comment here. Since I am black, I guess I can’t name my kids Winnie (Chinese name) or Ravan (Persian name)? Nowadays, names are pretty international. Out of all the Sara(h)s you know, how many are actually Hebrew?


Angelo is an italian name.


Are we sure it doesn’t say Angels?


Maybe we should tell Obama to change Malia’s name , since she is black/white and it’s a Hawaiian name. Heck I know white person with that name. If you like a Hispanic, Hawaiian, Hebrew etc… you do not have to be any of those things to name your kid it. if you like a name, no matter what the origin is for it. Then use it.

I think even Helen hunt name her daughter a Hawaiian name and she is white. So please, Elle what you said was out in left field.


My POINT was I see her as the type that would go for a more traditional British boy name, not a random Italian name. You all need to lighten up! This is tabloid talk, not litigation.