Ice-T & Coco: We’re Planning For A Baby

Ice-T and Coco reveal plans to have a baby – preferably a girl.

The Ice Loves Coco costars and married couple are planning for a child. “I want a little girl!” Coco Austin tells In Touch. “We already have the name — Chanel. I want her to be a lawyer!”

The glamour model, 33, is currently filling in for pregnant Holly Madison as the star of the burlesque Peepshow in Las Vegas. But she’s hoping for a baby girl before too long.

“I want a little doll of my own!” said Coco. “I could teach her to walk in heels and do her hair.”

And Ice-T, 58, can’t wait to be a dad again. “She will be the best mother,” the rapper gushed of his wife. “I know it.”

This will be the first child for Coco, while Ice-T, 54, has two grown children and two grandchildren.

The high-profile couple were wed in Las Vegas in December 2001.

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  1. Tiffany

    I love Ice T…..but ewwwww lol

  2. Holly

    umm, sure, Coco is 33, lol. RIGHT.

  3. Holly

    did a little wikipedia research and unless she’s faking her birth certificate I guess she is 33, dang….I’ll be 33 this year and she looks much older than me, never would’ve guessed.

  4. NYCMommy

    CBS- why are there two different ages for Ice-T in same article. It states 54 and 58… no one ages that fast… LOL

  5. Tamra

    What the hell? I have never seen a more mismatched couple in my entire life! Ewwww, he is just gross and she looks like a made up “Barbie” doll that is so fake looking! And let’s just plan what we are going to have and what their occupation is going to be and so on and so on! I have never heard anything so stupid! Grow up!

  6. Bloopie

    I think Ice-T is actually pretty good with children (based on a show he did with children from a very serious school who wanted to be rappers or something). I don’t know about his wife … she looks ridiculous though. And 33? Well dang! My 71 year old grandmother looks younger than her!

  7. Rosy

    I never realised Coco was 33, I always thought she was closer to 40 for some reason. Must be the plastic surgery.

  8. Jessica

    Ugh I hate when parents say they want their child to have a certain career! Just say you want them to be successful! Your child might not want to be a lawyer!

  9. Jenn

    Oh yeah…if I wanted my daughter to be a lawyer, Chanel is definitely the name I’d choose. *insert eye roll here*

  10. anonymous

    Anyone else think she looks like a drag queen?

  11. sierra

    So what is she gonna do if she has a boy? Or a girl who hates girly things, like I did when I was younger. I think people should just be happy if they have a healthy baby

    • Rosy

      If she has a boy she will love him just as much as she would have loved a girl. Don’t be silly. There’s nothing wrong with having a preference – only time there would be an issue would be if the child was treated differently due to it.

  12. Emily

    Oh my. That scar from her obviously botched augmentation is horrible. Someone should have told her not to wear that.

  13. ms. heart

    she always looks like she is about to burst,like a blowup doll with too much air in it. pop! go away!

  14. Sophia

    My eyeballs hurt and my brain hurts and why on earth would someone called Coco name their daughter Chanel and hope she’ll be a lawyer I am so bewildered by this woman.

  15. I wonder if it is safe for her to her to carry a baby, because of her siliconed body? Maybe a not so good idea.

  16. V.Romero

    Congratulations to Ice-T and CoCo im very happy for you two and i know CoCo will be an excellent mother. CoCo keep up the good work you look “Gor”…

  17. Benzo73

    Why are all the women so pissed off at Coco shes doing her thing and Ice is the man. This comment thread should be called “Hateraide”

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