Jenelle Evans Tweets Possible Miscarriage, Divorce

The drama continues for Jenelle Evans.

The Teen Mom 2 star, who announced her second pregnancy last week, suggested via Twitter Wednesday that she suffered a miscarriage and wants a divorce from Courtland Rogers.

“I am getting a divorce, ASAP,” she tweeted to her husband, whom she wed in December after a few months of dating. “You f–king leave out of town and I might be having a miscarriage? F–k you, you f–king piece of s–t.”

Radar Online reported Tuesday that Jenelle, 21, was rushed to the hospital due to a possible miscarriage. The MTV star, who is already mom to son Jace, 3, hasn’t confirmed the news, but tweeted that same day, “Heartbroken in half completely.”

Her husband also tweeted, “I think I just lost it all! I swear to God I am depressed as f–k. I need my wife in my arms telling me everything is gonna be okay.”

Courtland continued: “She deserves somebody better! A guy with a job, a house, and the perseverance to be eanything they wanna be. I’m a piece of s–t and I now know!”

Then on Wednesday, Courtland tweeted, “I never did anything to hurt my wife I always loved her with every ounce of my heart. I can’t take life like this!”

But Jenelle was apparently upset the he left her during the night, tweeting that he texted her at “6:30 a.m. telling me he went out of town and ‘not to worry.’ F–k that.”

She went on to tweet she’s “in shock” over what has happened, but is trying to contact her husband. “And now he just won’t answer the phone,” she added.

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Why are they tweeting these? That’s way too … personal .__.


Attention. Unfortunately this website and others will give it to them.


Yeah but what else would you ecpect from her?! Use the brain? Have some class?

Hmm. A miscarriage??? Wonder if she was even pregnant or was just looking for attention. Miscarriages are horrible so I hope if she did miscarry its the truth and not something to say for attention. Knowing Janelle you can never be sure. And why do they feel the need to argue and throw fits on twitter to eachother? That’s just immature and asking for media attention. MTV needs to kick her off teen mom 2 because A. She isn’t a mom, she gave her mom custody and is rarely even seen with him on show and B. She needs to… Read more »

yes she really was pregnant.. she tweeted a picture of the ultrasound when she was 6 weeks pregnant,,


Doesn’t mean it was her ultra sound picture. Photoshop or stole it from somewhere else. Lots of claims saying they sold this story to get quick cash. I don’t know what to believe but jenelle is very messed up. Starcasm has a whole following of what her and her apparently now ex are doing and it’s horrible.


I hate to see anyone lose a child but maybe its a blessing in the end. She is still way tio unstable to take care of herself let alone another baby. She needz to focus on herself & Jace. And for goodness sakes get off twitter &;stop airing your dirty laundry!!!!


I think people need to have a bit more respect. Janelle clearly doesn’t have the same ideas of privacy as most of us do, and she’s clearly very immature – but no matter what anyone’s opinion of her – she is going through something devastating right now, and the comments I’ve seen are just horrible.


she’s so classy


Good grief. Poor children. And not just her kids, but herself and her husband. All I see are kids getting hurt, and it’s just so sad.


Why are you even reporting on this. She is not a celebrity, she is a young teen who got exposed on a show, has obvious psychological and dependency issues. Needs to be out of the spot lite and get her act together. Stop wasting copy on this girl!


Well that escalated quickly


She is a scumbag !


Ugh someone shut her up. No-one needs or wants to know about her drama.

Alice Fremont

My god. Does the drama never stop?