Jason Hoppy Files Aggressive Divorce Papers

Jason Hoppy smiled away when he was spotted with his daughter Bryn in New York City on Wednesday (January 23). He had just picked up her up from school.

TMZ has reported that Hoppy has filed his response to Bethenny’s divorce petition. He is putting up a fight – asking for the same requests Bethenny had filed.

Just like Bethenny – he is requesting primary custody of their 2-year-old, wants child support, and wants the Skinnygirl mogul to foot the bill for medical and dental insurance as well as related expenses for himself and Bryn.

In addition – he wants her to pay for his lawyer and accountant and have “exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence.”  This is the $5 million Tribeca loft they bought and let cameras film in during Bethenny Ever After.

According to US magazine – the only things not at stake are Bethenny’s estimated $100 million fortune earned through her New York Times bestsellers, her Skinnygirl empire and daytime talk show. They had signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married in 2010.

Bethenny was recently on Ellen DeGeneres’ show when she shared, “I feel like a failure. I really put it out there. I wanted the fairytale. I thought I had it. And Bryn is my fairy tale . . This is excruciating, I have to say.”

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  • Sandy

    I hope Hoppy gets every thing he wants and deserves. Bethenny turned out to be real phony and liar. Shame on you Bethenny, you used Jason and I don’t even believe you about your mother. I think you had a pretty good life growing up. I for one won’t be watching your talk show or anything else you do.

    • Anonymous

      How did she turn out to be a liar? She’s been pretty honest all along that she has issues and was difficult to be in a relationship with.

    • LaKesha

      Sandy, you know all of this based on what?

      • Sandy

        isn’t this a comment page. So why is it when someone comments everyone gets mad? It’s my opinion. I don’t know anything based on what, it’s just my opinion.

  • eliz

    i totally agree here… i semi like B but i think she totally used him for a baby, reality shows etc… Kinda similar to halle/oliver (obv not the reality show but the baby)… i feel like she’s gonna be vindictive and try to get it all and then some… Jason seems like a totally down to earth, nice guy… Go get her Jason!

    • Pippa

      Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez don’t have a baby together. I think you mean Gabrielle Aubrey. (Dont know if I am spelling everyone’s name right!)

      I am embarrased for Bethanny and her lack of ability to stick with it through the hard times. They gave it a try for 2 years???? For a lot of couples, the first two years are the hardest, especially with a new baby. Do you think people who have been married 20-30 years haven’t wanted to leave during the marriage? Come on guys, grow up. If you really knew what a COMMITTMENT was, you probably would have never gotten married.

      If you truley love each other and it wasn’t just lust, suck it up and work on the marriage for the baby, and for yourselves. If you can’t make it work with this guy, you can’t make it with ANY guy. Bethanny said that exact same thing in the past but now I truly believe that. I know that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I am disappointed that it ended so soon.

      • whatever

        She obviosly meant Gabriel (she u but a past tense and we all know Halle and Olivier are still in a relationship) might have just written the wrong name 😉

        • Pippa

          Which is why I said “I think you mean Gabrielle”. Was there something wrong with me saying that? I wasn’t being nasty. . . just matter of fact.

      • Anonymous

        I sort of agree. They’ve only been married for 2 years. That’s nothing. Unless the marriage was horrible from day one, how hard could you even be trying to already be done with it?

  • Anonymous

    So he won’t be able to get a portion of her net because of the prenup? I use to really like Bethenny, I use to like her wit and sarcasm, but lately she seems mean and vindictive. I understand why Jason filed those papers (kind of seems like Bethenny started), but I think they both do really love their daughter and hope they can share custody amicably .

  • Sandra

    Jason looks like such a nice guy and a great father to his daughter. As for Bethanny, well, she looks like a liar and a user if you ask me. I hope he gets everything he wants and she ends up looking like a fool in the end! I don’t think she would be happy with any man! I actually feel sorry for him for being with her 2 years too long!

  • sierra

    I agree with pippa about the commitment comment. Marriages are completely disposable for celebrities. Also, how rough can life be with $100 million? Most couples fight about money and get divorced cuz of that so I don’t know what these two are fighting about! You are never going to find the PERFECT man, situation, life etc. But you try hard and that is the key to it all working.

  • sheyla

    1 Question..Why doesnt Brynn have on Gloves? it’s bitterly cold out in NY and I see the dad had on gloves! just an observation.

    • Lola

      She probably took them off. No matter how cold it was my daughter could not bear to have gloves on, use to drive me crazy and, of course, I was always worried I would be judged on my parenting…

      • Anonymous

        Why would you ever worry about what someone else thought of your parenting? People get so obsessed with the judgement of others. Let me tell you, once you let that go, your life will be the better for it.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not an observation, it’s a criticism. And a dumb one, at that.

  • Tee

    I was so sad to hear about the Jason and Bethenny. I really thought they were rock solid. I still think there is a lot of issues Bethenny needs to sort out because boy! she has got some emotional baggage. I don’t think Bethenny is a bad person or she went out of her way to hurt Jason.

  • A. Smyth

    I hope for Bryn’s sake that Jason gets primary custody. Bethenny has proven again and again how insane she is – Bryn does NOT need to be around that!!

  • Omg … Bethenny is a HOT MESS ! Jason is such an awesome guy ! I used to like her too but I can’t bare to watch how she got super rich, had a baby and NOW … she’s kicking him to the curb ! It’s allabout karma Bethenny. I hope Jason gets everything he’s asking for and MORE !!!!

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