Sarah Jessica Parker’s Cuties Brave The Cold

Sarah Jessica Parker and her twins Loretta and Tabitha (purple hat) braved the chilly morning weather on their way to school on Tuesday (January 22).

The girls were bundled up in their strollers while Parker and the nanny did all the pushing.

The Daily Mail reports after learning that her scenes as Gloria Steinem in the biopic of Linda Lovelace had been cut out – Parker has talked to Sex and the City Michael Patrick King about having another installment.

A source in LA says, “Sarah has talked to the co-creator Michael Patrick King and even has a story line in mind. She has been openly hinting that she wants another installment of the film. It’s no secret that Sarah is in a career crisis right now. After a string of box-office bombs, she is really pushing for the next installment.”

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  • maryf

    Why does she need a nanny to help her now the twins are bigger. I managed three little kids on my own.

    • Lizzie

      How is she suppose to push those two strollers around the city by herself?

      • Bloopie

        Twin strollers.

    • anon.

      Whether she “needs” one or not is beside the point. She wants one…and as a multi-millionaire – not a “regular” Jane Doe struggling to make ends meet – she can easily afford 1 (or 12 for that matter).

    • Rosy

      She doesn’t need one, but she has one and obviously wants some help.

    • k_c

      ***Martyr Mom!!!***

    • Mia

      She has millions of dollars and can afford a Nanny. I’m guessing you don’t.

  • anonymous

    Meh. Why not have a nanny if you sometimes work weird hours outside the home and you can afford it?

  • TabithaFan21

    And those double strollers are a pain to push, and with the girls bigger it would be even more difficult. It’s easy to manage two separate strollers, and it’s safer to have them in the stroller because of traffic, pedestrians, etc. At this age it would be very easy for them to get away from a single care giver and get hurt.

  • anonymous2

    I think SJP is amazing. She does what she can do, and she can afford it. We would do the same thing, if we could. Good for her…She has it all together. She is a good person and a good mother. I wish her the best.

  • Elektra

    Never understood why some object to a celebrity (rich & famous mom/dad) employing a nanny. When actually it seems to be the ideal solution for parents with weird job schedules never mind it provided employment for someone who is trustworthy and necessary for your child’s (children’s) well being.

    Silly me, I forgot some people love to find fault with celebrities. Go figure.

    • amy

      Jealousy. You know if they could ever afford it they’d drop the judgmental attitude immediately.

      Also, there are so many people here who can’t feel good about themselves unless they are tearing someone else down. It’s so transparent and pathetic.

  • Kasey1

    You know, I don’t really mind seeing some celebrities with nannies, as Sarah seems to be really hands on. She just has an extra pair of hands is all. I just get irritated with people like Gwen and Gavin (and it’s been noted on this site) who have the nanny do all the heavy lifting in their family (or so it seems in the photo). Sarah seems really involved and hands on, so I don’t see the issue with the nanny, as long as she is still the most active person in their lives and she is not having the nanny deal with the “hard” parts of motherhood. And remember, you can’t compare their lives to yours. People who say “Well I did this this and this without this persons’ help”, well great for you, but someone somewhere out there had it worse than you and managed to “outdo” you so to speak. It’s not a competition. She seems fully involved and like a loving mother, I don’t see the problem with a little help every now and then. It’s not like she’s pawning them off on her all the time and is never with her kids.

  • Normal

    How’s this for jealousy – I can afford a nanny, but I didn’t bring children into the world to have someone else look after them.
    Silly me – I realise the comments must come from people who have nannies themselves while they work full time – I see it everyday at my children’s school. And they say it’s because they need to pay off their mortgage – but yet they also have 200K cars and ’round the world’ holidays and Foxtel and designer dogs (which the nanny walks!)
    Guess what: agree or disagree but the bottom line is that kids grow up and realise the choices their parent/s made, and if they came first to their parent/s or second to money. I will say that I don’t think that’s the case with SJP, maybe it would be nice if Matthew could push the other stroller.

    • Anonymous

      For all you know he at work, or spending one on one time with their son.

    • Anon2003

      Do you want a cookie? or do you just like judging all the other moms at your kids school to make you self feel better.

      because unless you living with those other parents you have know idea what’s going on in their house or what their situation is.

    • Raven

      (I can afford a nanny, but I didn’t bring children into the world to have someone else look after them.)

      So I guess your kids don’t go to school and you home school them?

      O wait you did say your kids go to school didn’t you. So unless you plan to home school your kids yourself, for 7 to 8 hours a day 5 days a week that your kids are in school someone else is look after them and will be for the next 12 years.

  • Normal

    Perhaps you need to go back to school yourself because school is for 6 hours, not 7 or 8!

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