Jenelle Evans Suffers Miscarriage

Just eight weeks into her pregnancy, Jenelle Evans has suffered a miscarriage, Radar Online reports.

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star Tweeted “F**KKKKKKKKK,” early Friday morning, later writing, “Feel light headed.”

“Jenelle lost the baby this morning,” a friend of the troubled reality star confirmed with Radar Online.

“She’s sad and upset, but she’ll make it through,” added the source.

Jenelle and her husband Courtland Rogers announced their pregnancy new last week, but following a series of dramatic events – all of which were documented via Twitter – the couple have split.

Earlier this week, Jenelle suggested via Twitter  that she suffered a miscarriage and wants a divorce.

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  • Cheritina

    Man she is such a train wreck, I don’t wish a miscarriage on anyone but in this situation it is probably for the best. Will she learn from this?? Probably not, too bad they can’t yank out her uterus so another child doesn’t get abandoned when it’s no longer fun for her.

  • Louise

    Wise baby.

    • Bloopie

      Your comment is the best damn thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

  • Alyssa

    My belief is that there never was a baby or a pregnancy of any kind, and I hope I’m right because no one deserves a miscarriage. But either way I’m convinced it was a ploy for attention, and I have lost the shred of respect I had for this girl.

  • Ano

    She needs help.

  • klutzy_girl

    Why would you Tweet a play by play of your miscarriage (I saw screencaps of the Tweets)? Just why? And then her ex (who was supposedly with her) LOL’d about it! That’s horrifying.

    There are a lot of people who doubted she was even pregnant in the first place, and if she was, it’s sad that this happened. But if she wasn’t at all, wow. Why do all of that?

  • Jessica

    Why announce your pregnant at 7 weeks and a week later suffer a miscarriage… Oh because it was all fake! Jenelle just wants attention which is why she displays very personal information and arguments on twitter. She needs serious help! Anyone who fakes a miscarriage is terrible! They just needed the money. Ugh. If and it’s a very big if, she was pregnant this miscarriage as sad as it is is for the best. Jenelle needs to grow up and take care of her first child before adding more kids for her mother to care for!

  • Porter

    a blessing in disguise. Girl didn’t need another baby.

  • v

    you guys are way too nice. I don’t think it’s wrong to hope someone like her has a miscarriage any more than it’s wrong to hope this woman never ever has another baby. Yes, it’s a terrible thing when a woman who wants and loves children has a miscarriage, but she isn’t that woman. This girl is a wreck and it is a wonderful thing that she isn’t going to be bringing ANOTHER child into this mess. Heroin, crazy crack smoking baby daddy (who also has another child who he isn’t taking care of), internet over sharing…. yes, I think it’s a small miracle that there will be no baby in that drug soaked womb.

  • maryellen

    stupid is as stupid does

  • sierra

    I have to agree that I really don’t think she was pregnant. I mean 7 weeks is too early to be taking pics of your “baby bump”. I think she just isn’t toned, so that pic was probably a hoax. And her saying she was clean for two months? How about you stay clean and MARRIED for two years and then maybe it will be an accomplishment. Oh yeah and get aja job. And your husband should get a job too. I mean literally nothing was right about this situation to have a baby. Makes leah Messer’s pregnancy look really responsible

  • Gladys

    She doesn’t deserve to have children!

    • Zombieee

      There are a lot of men/women who cannot have kids who think the same thing and feel that it is not fair that women like her have the ability to have children.

  • Elle

    3…..2……1……aaaannnnnnnddd she’s pregnant again.

  • A. Smyth

    Get her trash face off my computer screen. It was definitely a lie, and who on earth would tweet about a miscarriage while it was going on!? I know people who have been debilitated for years because of miscarriages (emotionally), it’s just insulting!

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