Jessica Alba: Honor Loves Her Big Sister Role Of Showing Off

Jessica Alba says Honor is getting comfortable with being a big sister to 17-month-old Haven.

Alba was at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23 when she told US Weekly, “She loves it, she’s super into the fact that she can do, like, so much more than what the baby can do. She’s like, bonus!”

The actress also said that her 4-year-old loves showing off. She can “eat cupcakes and like, swing on a swing all by herself and ride a bicycle — with training wheels, mind you!”

“And she can play with Polly [Pocket] because she doesn’t put them in her mouth, because the baby puts the Pollies in her mouth. You know, important stuff.”

Alba was at Sundance promoting the comedy A.C.O.D. The film is about the effects that divorce can have on children after they’ve reached adulthood.

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