Vanessa Lachey Launches Her Mommy Blog

Wipeout host Vanessa Lachey is the latest high-profile mama to join in the ranks of mommy blogger.

In a recent blog entry on her newly launched website,, the Wipeout host talks about how she shared her pregnancy news with her husband, musician Nick Lachey.

“After dating for five years, my husband and I got married on July 15th, 2011,” Vanessa writes. “We felt this was the next step for our relationship and the first step in starting our family. We both want to have a big family so we tried to get pregnant for the 6 months after we got married. Honestly, by mid December, I resigned myself to the notion that it was not going to be easy for us. So, I decided that I had to just “let go”. I figured we would get home to LA (we were in Cincy at the time), get settled into our new home, I’d finish filming “Wipeout,” and THEN we could re-visit babyhood. To help us both relax and unwind, Nick and I decided that we’d go away on our first big Lachey family trip. We all decided on the Bahamas, somewhere warm, sunny and relaxing. ”

And then, she discovered baby Camden, now 4 months, was on his way.

“But, before we could relax and soak in the sun, I had to film a January 5th appearance on “Live with Kelly” and would meet everyone in the Bahamas the next day,” she shares. “I had an absolute blast filming the show, as always. Rob Lowe was Kelly’s co-host that day and I remember buying his book in the airport so I could study up! I even was up for the Zumba presentation, in my stilettos no less! The studio kept trying to give me sneakers to wear, and I thought … I can dance in these things! HA! That night I took my girlfriend out to dinner for her birthday. We went to ABC Kitchen, which I LOVE!!! That evening I remember that I wanted absolutely everything on the menu! I also remember NOT wanting my martini … After dinner something in my gut said, “Let’s go back to my hotel… and pick up a pregnancy test on the way!” Call it a mother’s intuition — IT WAS POSITIVE! I was in absolute shock !! I had taken a pregnancy test multiple times every month over the past 6 months, but this one (and the nine others I took that night) was positive. It was such a beautiful moment. The only thing missing was my husband, of course. But Nick was already in the Bahamas with the whole family waiting for me. I knew I had to wait to tell him in person. I wanted to look into his eyes when I said:”I’m pregnant.” I wanted to feel his hug when he grabbed me with excitement. I wanted to take in the surroundings so that I would always remember the exact moment I told him he was going to be a father.”

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  1. Agnes

    Awww, her baby is cute and he is 1/4th Filipino. Vanessa is Eurasian.

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