Ben Affleck Carries His Cutie

Argo star Ben Affleck looked every bit the sexy papa as he carried his son Samuel, 11 months, in Brentwood, Calif. on Friday (January 25). The father-son duo joined mama Jennifer Garner and sisters Violet, 7, and Seraphina, 4, at karate class.

The day before, the Butter actress was all smiles alongside her elder daughter at the Brentwood Country Mart where they picked up some new books.

Ben recently took home Best Director and Best Motion Picture Drama awards at the Golden Globes for Argo.

During his acceptance speech he said, “I want to thank my wife who is the reason why I’m standing here. I adore you. I love you so much. Thanks for sitting through this. You are my everything. Thank you.”

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  1. Toya

    OMG he is a doll!! Beautiful face…

  2. Charlotte

    Cute, cute and cute. This family is just lovely.

  3. Lainey

    Ben and Jennifer Garner make beautiful babies. He is so proud that he has a son.

  4. Gemi

    Are his eyes blue? I wonder if they will stay that way, he is very cute.

  5. Ano

    He’s cute but not beautiful. And very tiny, Wonder if he’s eyes will stay blue.

  6. Marie

    Isn’t it funny that Samuel kinda looks like Ben’s bff Matt Damon? I know he’s a blended version of his parents, but i don’t know, the ‘result’ somehow makes him look like Matt lol.

  7. Anonymous

    The baby looks a lot like Violet. Why do people say he looks like Matt Damon? He looks nothing like him and that’s just weird.

  8. musiclover

    Ben is hot! And Samuel is beautiful 🙂

  9. ms. heart

    just gorgeous! almost makes me want to have another. almost. and then I remember diapers+poop, breastfeeding, late nights, early mornings,strollers etc. yeah.. I’m done.

  10. Anonymous

    All three look exactly like each other, and their mother. However, as they grow, Ben’s features are starting to present themselves.

  11. Jenn

    Oh wow!! He looks just like Violet. Definitely takes after Mom!

  12. Elle

    Where is the dark hair? I don’t see him in any of the children, except maybe Seraphina. He looks very feminine for a little boy, which is why he is perceived as cute. Definitely the cutest of the three.

  13. Ali_Spain

    Cutest baby boy ever!Love to see pics of him. wonder how he will be like when he grow up…

  14. Annonymos

    Samuel’s an adorable little boy. It’s too soon to tell who he looks like, but I can see features of both parents in him. He has Ben’s chin and probably Jennifer’s lips.

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