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We love seeing photos of our favorite celebrities and their adorable families!

And we’ve seen some great pics this week. On Friday, we saw Ben Affleck toting his sweet son Samuel after karate class. We gushed over Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s stylish twins, and we caught our first clear glimpse of Drew Barrymore‘s beautiful daughter Olive.

Take a look through our top 25+ best pictures of the week…

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  • ms. heart

    my god, they make cute babies! maybe they should keep going!

  • laura

    Yeyyy, sam’s a blondie! Soooo cute!

  • A. Smyth

    That baby is so cute!!

  • Jenn

    He looks a lot like Violet. What a cutie.

  • Anonymous

    These two make the weirdest looking kids.

  • Anonymous

    Does Samuel have Down Syndrome?

    • Dora

      What a doctor! Judging disease by looking at one single pic!

      • laura

        And anyway if he did he would have wide open eyes, that’s the most visible thing, and since sam’s eyes are quite this and almost oriental eyes, he looks so not down. Anyway, whatever he is, he’s the handsomest kid I’ve ever seen!

    • Anonymous

      Samuel is one handsome baby!! Never seen such an adorable boy.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he has Downs syndrome, that’s just his look.

  • Mary

    Down Syndrome? Are you people kidding me? Geez this must be the same group that called Gia Lopez a down syndrome baby. He is gorgeous and the fact that people even mention down syndrome is pretty sick.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous? Are we looking at the same picture? Average at best.

    • Francesca

      Yes, we are, but with different EYES. When will people finally understand that?

      I think he’s one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen.

  • Taniesha

    None of their kids are cute. Sorry just my opinion.

  • I don’t think these children are very cute. I hate how people are always gushing over how cute they are.They are fair just like their mother. Jennifer Garner is funny looking with beady eyes and loose lips.Violet and Samuel got her weirdest features.Seraphina is adorable because she looks more like her daddy. They aren’t stunning as everyone make the affleck children to be.The media does it with all celeb childrden and celebs. Having money does not make you beautiful.

  • Gladys

    How rude! You are one to judge! They are beautiful children and Jennifer is adorable!

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