Cash Warren & His Pretty Pair

Cash Warren shared a photo via Instagram of Honor and Haven on Wednesday (January 23).

He wrote: “In heaven #FamilyLife”

He and Jessica Alba have been married since 2008. In an interview in February’s InStyle – Alba said she “just knew” he was the one.

Alba explained, “It was weird; he instantly felt like family. I’d never felt like that with anyone. I was usually pretty self-conscious, minding my p’s and q’s, very aware of every time my fork hit the plate when I was having dinner on a date. With him, there was none of that. We got each other. We’re kindred spirits.”

She added Warren keeps their relationship “romantic” by encouraging her to take time for herself.

“He’s saying, ‘You matter,’ and that I’m more than just the mother of the kids or the wife who goes out to events with him.”

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  1. Georgina

    That bangs does not favor to Honor’s face.

  2. Anonymous

    Honor and Haven look adorable in this photo.

  3. liens

    WHOAH, how genetics work is beyond amazing, i can’t wait to see what Haven is going to look like when she won’t be a baby anymore.
    no matter what/who they look like, they are both pretty and Honor seems to be a very happy kid!

  4. A. Smyth

    The baby is so cute! The first child not so much.

  5. Jane

    These two have to be the ugliest Hollywood siblings!

  6. annie

    wow. these kids are not cute at all. such a shame!

  7. CaramelKiss

    To all of you who judge kids looks, shame on you! God don’t like ugly.

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